Tuesday, April 14, 2015

aVo 100% Natural Bulgarian Essential Lavender Oil

I've used essential oils for everything for something like 20 years, at one point I actually sold handmade bath and body products. Until recently, even in a big city like Dallas, you had to buy essential oils in hidden away specialty shops or overpriced natural food stores. I remember paying for a 1 oz bottle of lavender oil what this FOUR OZ bottle costs!

It's a deep, rich lavender scent, a pure oil with no additives and no bitter afterscent. It's not cloying like some lavender oils can be.

As far as packaging goes, it's intelligently done so as to get the best out of your oil. It's in a dark bottle to keep it from degrading due to light exposure. When stored with a dropper, you get air into it through the rubber which affects the oil and can cause the scent to seep out. On the same hand, you really want a dropper for actual product dispersal. With aVo, you get the best of both worlds.

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