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Winter 2010/2011 Beauty Fix Kit

As usual, Beauty Fix is one of the best Beauty Deals on the planet! For $49.95 you get sent choices tailored to your skincare profile 4 times a year (you can always choose not to pick any out for that quarter as well). There were dozens of items to choose from, but here's what I picked.....(If you want an invite let me know, there can be a waiting list to sign up). My choices all came as full sized items for a retail total value of  three hundred fifty one dollars!~ Not bad for 50 bucks, huh? Again, these were MY picks, regardless of value, so you can easily get 500 bucks worth of stuff.

Cures By Avance
Age Defyer Eye 
An antioxidant and moisture rich eye treatment that promotes collagen production around the sensitive eye area. Leaves eye area softer, smoother and less lined. Helps erase the signs of aging and wrinkles. It encourages natural collagen production and helps plump the surface cells around the eyes, soothes and moisturizes the delicate eye area, hydrates as it tightens and firms and minimizes the signs of aging, wrinkles, and dark circles and loss of elasticity.
iQ Derma
Firmeceuticals Firming Gel 
Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel is a fast absorbing, effective formula for smoothing cellulite-prone skin. Its slick, gel formula delivers key ingredients without sticky or greasy residue. Pro-sveltyl, adiporeguline and bodyfit each aim to smooth the appearance of cellulite, firm the skin and diminish water retention. These actions help to slim the silhouette and restore a smooth, even tone to the skin. Firmaceuticals Firming Body Gel is perfect for use on the abs, hips, thighs and derriere.

Perfect Cleansing Foam 
A rich and creamy, gentle foaming cleanser that is perfect for all skin types -- even the most sensitive of skin. It gently removes impurities while nourishing the skin. Formulated with tiny Vitamin E microbeads that help to stimulate circulation, when you massage them in a circular motion, for a spa-like cleansing that leaves the skin feeling healthy and smooth.

Beautyfix Flat Makeup Bag Duo 
Organize your cosmetics with this set of 2 cosmetic bags. The small bag is perfect for holding items like your lipstick, liner and gloss, and the larger bag is great for carrying bigger items like your powder compact. Touching up on the go will be a breeze! The fun plum floral print makes them look soft and feminine, but don't be fooled -- these bags are made from heavy-duty microfiber and have tough zipper closures, so they can handle being knocked around inside your purse. Both bags are lined with matching plum nylon for a fun pop of color.

Lierac Paris
Diopti Demaq Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 
Diopti Demaq Gentle Makeup Remover from Lierac Paris is a floral water and mallow extract infused remover that easily eliminates makeup. This ophthalmologically tested gel formula glides across skin without irritating sensitive eyes or leaving behind an oily residue. Vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives conditions lashes and brows for a fuller and thicker appearance, while preventing lash loss.

Age Reverse Eye Contour 
Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour is an illuminating eye cream that builds collagen and prevents sagging. A potent combination of age-defying peptides, maltobionic acid and poly hydroxy acid help diminish the look of wrinkles around the delicate eye area, while reducing puffiness. After just 4 weeks the skin around your eyes will appear smoother, brighter and more youthful.

Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme SPF 8 
Replenish chapped, dry or sunburned hands with Borghese Splendide Mani Soothing Hand Creme SPF 8. This extremely moisturizing hand cream forms a water-resistant shield for lasting hydration and protection. Acqua di Vita Complex and moisture attracting liquid crystal molecules energize the skin for a more youthful appearance, while diminishing the signs of aging.

Advanced AHA Dietary Supplement 
PRIORI Advanced AHA Dietary Supplement works to improve skin health from the inside out. This unique anti-aging supplement enhances bodily processes to optimize the skin's structure, function and resiliency for younger-looking skin.  

Protein Formula 2 
Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 is a healing composition designed to treat nails that are soft, tender, peeling, or growth resistant. Formulated to instantly strengthen splitting or damaged nails and restore them to a smooth, firm surface. This healing formula also assists in promoting the nail to grow long, strong and healthy.


I'm in the mood for handmade- simply because it's near me......

I have tons of handcrafted goodies about me because I'm an addict when it comes to one of a kind items. I've tried my darndest to spread the word on what's out there, and hopefully a few small companies have gotten some new customers. I am honored when someone asks my opinion about a product, and I love to hear what you guys think about products, and your own recommendations! 


I did a video showing a range of some of my current acquirements from the small business world out there....
And here are links and further information on each company. Tell 'em the Beauty Pirate sent ya!

From Ye Olde Chandler I have a wax tart in Pumpkin Spice
These Handmade Natural Soy Candles last approximately 16 hours in a standard tart warmer. Tarts come in packages of three for $1.50 and smell divine! I swear, I want to EAT the Pumpkin Spice! 

From their Four Elements Soap Collection, I have a bar of their Water blend, which is appropriate for my being a Pisces :-) Water inspired scents are among my favorites!
The bars are $3.00 each or a set of all the elements for $10.00.

From Snowberry Creek Soaps is a bar of their hypnotic Mayan Gold Soap. Their soaps are a handmade cold process soap, which is more time consuming but yields a hearty, long lasting soap. Handmade in the State of Arkansas.Each bar sells for $3.50. 

From Simply Shop 323 I have a wickless melt in Raspberry Ginger. Their adorable Tiny Melts are currently on sale for $1.50

I also have a bar of their Simply Tempted Pucker Up! soap, which has silk fiber (!) and is totally vegan. They have everything from one of a kind bags, jewelery, handmade bath products- you name it. 

For more bath fabulousness, check out All Lathered Up who is currently having a sale with items 50%-70% off! The Sweet Cranberry Sugar Body Scrub is to die for and is only $12.98 for an 8 oz jar.

I also have a bar of their Luxury Shea Butter Soap, which will run you $5.65 for a 4-5oz bar. This highly lathering soap is one of their customer favorites! They do offer discounts on purchases of multiple bars as well. i cannot say whether these are vegan or not, as the specific ingredients are not listed, however I'm sure they'd be happy to answer your questions!
I've raved about these guys before, but here's a reminder- Overall Beauty
has some truly wicked good mineral eyeshadow. Their website is also a great source of information, with beauty articles and tutorials. For a $1.25, you can even order sample jars (that's right- jars, not baggies!) of many of their products. I have Bronze Turquoise and LOVE IT! (Watch the video to see a swatch).

one of my faves from this batch came from Mrs Sterling's Bath & Body Boutique.
The Lavender Martini Cupcake Bath Fizzy W/Soap Top is psychotically cute. For only $5.95, this is a super cute gift. 

Country Keepsakes 
has the cutest food shaped wax melts. Their primitive style tarts are hand poured soy wax. my favorite products of theirs are the food styled products, hands down. They look so real! Stop by their website and check out the cake and pie candles.... Their caramel scent drives me wild.

 The Soap Corner
has handmade soaps and tarts, and I have a bar of soap in Cucumber & Lavender and a delectable Maple Pecan tart. 

I will once again hammer into every tea drinker's head out there that SBS Teas is the way to go! Support indie companies- Bigelows has enough money! As I type this, I'm waiting for my kettle to boil so I can enjoy a cup of their White Radiance tea, a white tea blended from Golden Yunnan & Silver Needle White Tea. And I love the convenience of their personal teabags for when I can't locate a handy tea ball or want to take a loose tea to work. A bag of 64 is only $5.95!

For cute favors, visit Delightfully Wed
for Western Themed soaps and favors (you can see them in my video)
or Favor Of My Heart, 
a division of Delightfully Wed for just about any little favor goodies you can think of. 

Heaven And Earth Essentials  
has an ENORMOUS selection of bath and body products, like the Olive Oil & Glycerin soap in Hankerin' which is a blend of green apple, melon and pear.

and I am just nuts about the Whipped Sugar Scrub in Berry Bliss- which even has a real berry perched on top! Made with organic cane sugar and golden jojoba oil, it will leave you soft and sweet as a baby butt.

So go outside the box and try some of the indie companies, and tell 'em The Beauty Pirate sent ya!


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And Currently at Billion Dollar Babes.....

Billion Dollar Babes is another high end flash sale store that focuses on designer label fashions at freaky huge discounts.

Currently at Rue La La

Rue La La is a plush discount website that's been featured in InStyle magazine, The Today Show and more. They have flash sales on plush designer goods and services that are changed out weekly. They carry everything from clothing, housewares, to spa trips! Check 'em out and see what kind of deals you can score!

Italian Polish: D&G, Moschino, and more

 Style. I Do! The Couple & The GuestsL'erba         

I was featured on the All Natural Beauty Mall! (And get a discount on their current sampler!)

WHEEEEEE! How cool! I'm so honored!

Here's the article:

See a Review of the Summer Sizzler Sampler from the Beauty Pirate!

  Even though Summer 2010 has long past, we just became aware of an outstanding review video that was made about the products in the Summer Sizzler Sampler. Enjoy this video while you get to know about some of the products offered in that bag and their manufacturers. This is a good sampling of what our Samplers are like. You'll see why we love offering them and why they are so popular with our shoppers!
Thanks, Beauty Pirate, for your WONDERFUL video!

Save %25 on our latest Sampler - The Holiday Preview Sampler 2010 - by using code ME right now. Only 6 left so don't delay! 

"All Natural Beauty Mall is a blessing and one stop shopping for safe, effective and natural health and beauty products. I was so excited to get my Summer Sizzler Sampler, because they only do these every so often and their samplers have introduced me to companies that I am now a lifelong customer of! You get tons of full sized products for a fraction of their normal cost."  from the Beauty Pirate
Visit the Beauty Pirate's Blog at:

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And today we have......

First thing I did was use my Ulta Skin Clearing Tool. It's stainless steel, and what you do is first steam your pores. Then you use the tool to slide over blackheads or whiteheads (I've only used it on blackheads) to remove them painlessly from the skin. There's a slight pinch, but it's a smooth swipe and doesn't hurt. Your skin in the area will be red for a few minutes, but then it calms down quite quickly. If you're in a hurry, I recommend putting an ice cube on the cleaned pore to close the it up tightly. This gadget is only eight bucks and is extremely well made, better than bigger name brands like Tweezerman, in my opinion. What cracked me up though was a review I read on this tool on another page where they complained about being instructed to clean their face afterward with alcohol. It says on the package "Clean with cotton & alcohol after using." THEY MEAN THE TOOL, YOU TOOL! NOT your face, the TOOL. Oy vey. 

Starting my clean face, I had Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer. This primer is specifically for enlarged pores and, well, lines. Works like a charm, this one does. I'm pretty startled by what a significant difference this makes. Smashbox products tend to be fairly reliable, and this one is no exception. They're good enough for Tyra, they're good enough for me! Where you really see the difference is after putting on foundation. As I've gotten older, my pores have been more pronounced, but with this they're tiny and tight. BRAVA! Also available at 
Once again I've been having a heated debate with winter frizz, and this time I used Oscar Blandi Olio de Jasmine Hair Serum as my counterpoint. This stuff has been all the rage lately, and I see why. The smell is light and feminine without taking over. All you need is a tiny droplet, so it's cost effective. It does not give a greasy, weighed down look I've had samples of this sent to me recently by Sephora, New Beauty, Birchbox, and everyone is all over it. It makes your hair feel like silk and gives a gorgeous shine. It's also a great product to protect your hair from heat tools like dryers or curling irons. And it's pretty cheap, too! A small bottle will only run you about sixteen bucks, and again, a teeny bit goes a long way.
Also available at Ulta.

I've been a bit disaapointed with Bath & Body Works lately. I got the set (soap, lotion, body spray) of one of their newer scents- Forever Sunshine.

It's so cloying that I find it almost nauseating. Oddly, it smells wonderful after a few hours if you layer the scent, I just wish I could go from 60 to zero in an instant with it instead of having to open the bathroom door and the shower curtain when I use the soap so I don't barf. Seriously, it smells fabu after it's soaked in but it's not gonna win you any fans the first hour or so.

SO I started carrying around in my purse Thymes Kimono Rose lotion to replace my normal B&BW hand lotion, and this stuff is what they wish they could be. Sophisticated, elegant. It's so rich and moisturizing that your skin feels like velvet, yet it absorbs almost immediately and isn't the slightest bit greasy. SUPER SUPER SUPER! I've previously had a love affair with other Thymes products (their lavender hand soap is my go-to kitchen soap) and once agani they do not disappoint. I love you, Thymes!

Another fab Birchbox item from recently is Cargo's bronzer in medium. This is a neutral color that seems like it should work with all skin tones. It's sheer, so it only adds tint; you don't have to worry about your skin merely looking dirty like some bronzers do. It adds an effervescent glow that even on my pale skin simply imparts a jewel like shimmer instead of dark smudges of color. i take a tapped off brush of it and sweep it on the outer edges of my face to add an eye catching highlight then use it on the apples of my cheeks with a slightly heavier application as a blush. It's so smooth and effortless! Truly a silky smooth powder that leaves no streaks or overloaded spots. And apparently almost everything I'm using today is available at Ulta.

normally I'm a hearty supporter of Stila shadow, but I'm disappointed in the Mineral Matte shadow in Kalahoo.  It's a lovely rich minky color, but for some reason this particular one has tremendous fallout. Seems like I got more on my cheeks than my lids. Phhhhhbbbbbbttttttt. boo. It doesn't blend well and smells kinda weird. Supposedly it also only has a shelf life of 6 months. SIX MONTHS? I'd have to wear it every day! Don't waste your hard earned money.

A much better mineral shadow is Purus Cosmetics Shaliner, which I've reviewed previously

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The Face Of Today

Hello! I did NOT fall down a hole, contrary to popular belief! I know what you're waiting for, right? Another installment of what I slapped on my mug today!

Last night I washed my hair before going to bed, so when I woke up it was a bit frazzled. What tamed my nutjob flyaways and put my hair back in shape? Juicy Couture So Gleamy Hair Shine mist.
With these type of mists, you do need to be careful with how you use it. You want only the tiniest spray or it will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. If my hair is dry, I like to spray it onto my hands and run them through my hair to make sure it's evenly distributed. It can be used on wet hair in lieu of a conditioner- particularly good on the ends to smooth split ends. It smells just like what you'd expect- Juicy Couture perfume. It's a light scent that fades pretty quickly, but it leaves a subtle hint of scent in your hair itself- just don't expect it to take the place of a perfume. If you're not a fan of Juicy Couture I would recommend checking out Cherry City's line of similar spray in product, available in something like 500 scents.....
The Juicy Couture stuff will run you about $20 and is available at Ulta. $20.00 may seem exorbitant, but a little goes a long way and this will last you forever. 3 FREE Samples with EVERY Order

I am totally bonkers about anything by Arcona. They have yet to disappoint me in any way and the Peptide Hydrating Complex is no exception.
My skin is trying to adjust to the sudden artificial heat sources of winter and this under my moisturizer was like a huge gulp of water for my skin. It makes the skin really smooth as well as 'lifted' a bit. No harsh chemicals or preservatives so you don't have to worry about a bad reaction. I am a big fan in particular of their bottle's delivery method, it's a pressure pump so it doesn't get exposed to air or the bacteria on your filthy hands :-) You only need a teeny tiny bit so it'll last forever. Unlike most serums, this one comes out looking creamy, but once you put it on and let it absorb a minute into your skin, you'd never know that it's there (well except for the benefits, of course!) Available at

Dr Sebagh Creme Vital face cream is touted by none other than Cindy Crawford, but this luxe French brand can be difficult to locate.

Why? Because a jar of it will run you over $250.00!!!!! There is no way on God's Green Earth I could afford this, but I got some for free and I must admit, it's pretty nifty! If I had Cindy's money, I'd probably buy it too. It's extremely lightweight and my skin looks so refreshed and awake. This combined with the Arcona Peptide serum and I went the first half of the day with no foundation on because my skin didn't really even need it. If you've got the cash, give it a shot or do some searching online to find someone selling sample sizes or testers. You can find some truly amazing beauty deals that way.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners: Rockstar, 1999, Ransom, Lust
Easily one of my favorite lines for eyeliners! These go on sooooooo smooth and creamy, but unlike Elizabeth Arden liners (my nemesis!) they don't smear all over your face or give you raccoon eyes. The colors are vibrant and true and I love the sparklies! 1999 is one of my favorites, with an awesome metallic sheen. A dazzling line of product. 

The Too Faced Magic Wand foundation  in London Fair is my new fave foundation. It goes on sheer and even and lasts all day. This isn't for if you need heavy coverage, it's a whisper light formula that evens out your skin tone for a fresh, natural look. What makes it so particulularly groovy is the delivery method. It has a built in foundation brush at the tip! You click a button on the bottom of the tube to release a few drops at a time so you don't waste any, and goes right into the brush. LOVE! Absolutely ingenious.

Mark Rebel Rose Pallette with Rebel , Saucy, Corset, and Luvstruck is a bit of a mixed bag. The colors are gorge, but you HAVE to use a shadow primer if you don't want it to crease within a few hours. I did one lid with primer and one without, and the primed lid began to crease a bit after 5 hours or so. The one without primer creased almost immediately. It could be because I used a fairly rich eye cream in the morning. Nonetheless, this line is inexpensive enough and the colors are so lovely that I don't feel like it was a waste at all- just use your shadow primer first!
If you want to check out Mark products, there's a link on the right hand side of the screen. A great area of their store is called Final Chance and it's items marked down 50% or more!

Very Irresistible by Givenchy is very light and elegant. The smell is a floral, but not cloying- no bonking you over the head here. Instead, it's refined and dignified with a subtle sexiness. It has star anise, which tones down the floral and gives it a fresh vibrancy, keeping it from being too little girly. I become immune to it's scent pretty quickly, so this isn't one for those who want to be able to smell a perfume trail following them, but believe me- others will notice it for many hours to come! I've gotten compliments on it from folks who normally don't dole out the niceties.