Thursday, February 27, 2014

Awesome PopSugar giveaway with Le Metier de Beauty

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New this week at All Cosmetics Wholesale

If you haven't been to this site yet, hie thee! I have been in love with these guys for a long time. You get the real deal cosmetics at crazy prices. Usually discontinued limited edition colors or overstock, but who cares? When you can get brands like MAC and OCC for half the normal price, I'm there. This is where I've picked up almost all of my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars and, oh, maybe about a refrigerator box full of other stuff as well.

New this week?

FRESH Face Luster Powder Cloudy Bay

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Kimber

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Pool Boy

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Pleasure Model

FRESH Prime & Glow


OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil Hoochie


OCC Lip Tar x 4 All Discontinued Shades!

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Mannequin

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Rollergirl

OCC Plastic Passion Lip Tar Hollywood

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You like this? Too bad!

So for realz, why do the big companies (like Proctor & Gamble for instance) constantly introduce products that they only keep around for a season or two? The Caress Exotic Oil Infusion body washes were one of those instances where I was so impressed with a drugstore body wash that I actually went out and kept buying it. Amazing scents that smelled subtly classy, not cheap; and so moisturizing that you could skip the lotion if you wanted to. The combination oil/cream felt so soft and amazing that I would just rub my skin for way longer than would be safe to do in a prison shower. SO of COURSE despite tons of rave reviews, they discontinued it. This happens to me ALL of the time- I actually get won over by a mainstream, inexpensive product and when I go to get some more, too bad so sad. So THEN I like the product so much that I buy it at a highly inflated price off of Amazon and wind up paying boutique item prices anyway. I'd say that I'm gonna start hoarding stuff but I have a feeling my husband would divorce me or at the very least point out that I already kinda do  :-)

Now I want another bottle of this stuff so bad that I'm about to buy it from Amazon for $19 when it could originally be had for $5. Oy vey. Looking at the Amazon pages that sell it, review after review is all "OF COURSE they took it off the shelves, cause I actually liked it!" Amen, sister.