Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep 'Em Hooked With Your Fabulousness

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Valentine’s Day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you should skip a beat on your beauty routine. Whether or not you snagged a Valentine, or you want to keep the one you have hooked, our product picks will keep you looking beautylicious … if not for your man, then for yourself!

From delectable body butters that tease the olfactory senses to skin-illuminating moisturizers for that mesmerizing aura, we’ve got the goods for the perfect beauty upkeep.

Keep that pout kissably soft with this smoothing and exfoliating lip scrub. Olive, sunflower and sweet almond oils nourish and intensely hydrate while gentle exfoliants polish chapped lips for ultra-smooth smooches. 

Get flawless, younger-looking skin that radiates from within with this lightly tinted illuminating serum formulated with nourishing, age-fighting ingredients. A powerful blend of hyaluronic acid (nature’s moisture magnet), skin-soothing aloe, vitamins, botanical extracts and peptides replenish moisture and elasticity, while a sheer pigment effectively masks imperfections for a gorgeous, even tone. 

Indulge your senses with this sensually fragrant body butter that comes in 4 delicious aromas (Bulgarian Lavender, Lime/Basil/Mandarin, Tangerine/Lavender and Earth Apple), each contained in a wooden keepsake jar. A replenishing concoction of shea butter along with olive, argan and virgin coconut oils infuse skin with rich moisture while vitamin E and aloe vera juice neuturalize free radicals and nourish skin with essential fatty acids, iron and vitamins for delectably soft, supple skin.

Don’t underestimate the power and confidence of a bright, white smile. If you haven’t won him over yet, win him over by flashing those pearly whites. This complete collection is clinically developed to safely and effectively reveal remarkably whiter teeth by gently dissolving stain-attracting protein and killing the bacteria that causes bad breath and cavities. Go ahead, smile about it. 

All items available at Dermstore

Free Shipping with No Minimums & Free Samples! - Find Popular Skin Care & Cosmetic Products.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I've been away.....

Fell off the face of the earth after a car accident about three weeks ago, but I'm slowly recuperating and will start barraging you with opinions and info again!

The Beauty Pirate

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 is amping up for Mother's Day with some specials

like the deal they have on Versace Bright Crystal, one of my absolute favorites!

Where did YOU sleep last night?

This was an actual text we received yesterday: “Slept at Scott’s, no makeup at work, feel like crap.” What? What century are we living in? Even Civil War –era Scarlett O’Hara knew to pinch her cheeks for natural rouge when Rhett Butler came unexpectedly calling. How is it possible that a fellow beauty-obsessed friend is running around without the vitals in her purse in this day and age? Here, we’re gonna break down the must-haves for every girl’s necessary beauty in a bind kit. Whether you’re leaving Scott’s house and headed to work, filing off an airplane and headed to dinner, or waking up in Vegas Katy Perry style, the contents of this kit will trick ‘em into thinking you slept 8 sober hours in your own bed. Even if the truth is far from it. Here are 10 steps to transform you from zombie bride to beauty queen.

Let’s start with the basics. Your breath. Reach for your SuperSmile single dose mouth rinse
The red wine hound’s best friend. Just fill up with water, shake, and rinse for whiter teeth and fresh breath.

Remove your raccoon eyes with Josie Maran’s natural wipes infused with aloe vera, cucumber and Vitamin E. 
(Bonus: a portion of each package sold will protect endangered polar bears. 
Learn more here: )



If you slept less than 6 hours or had more than 3 drinks, drop these into your bloodshot eyes.

De-puff over-packed eyes with Barielle’s AM Puffy Eye Relief Cream. Use a little pressure as you apply, and tap until absorbed. Ahh, losing the baggage feels good right?


Apply your sunscreen and your moisturizer in one with the cutest little cream that could- Mario Badescu’s powerful antioxidant green tea anti aging daily moisturizer for combination skin.


Erase Last Night’s Mistakes with Benefit Erase Paste. Simply the best camouflage and brightener a girl could ask for. Forgot to wash your face and sprouted a new zit? Looking ghoulishly dark around the eyes? Reach no further.

Alterna Caviar Dry Shampoo. Our favorite dry shampoo out there right now. No Thomas Jefferson white wig hair with this talc-free wonder—just shiny, bouncy, refreshed locks. Give your blowout extra life, or, more importantly, appear as though you showered. Cheating never looked so good.

Suki Berry Trio includes a translucent lip repair butter to smooth out cracked, dried lips, and a color duo of wineberry kiss and sugarberry pout for cheeks and lips to restore some healthy color to your less-than-rosy complexion.

Bright eyed and bushy lashed,  max out your lashes to make eyes appear more awake than they are.

Refresh your pulse points with Lisa Hoffman’s Madagascar Orchid scent—rich, soft, and delicate. Smell as lovely as the rainforest, instead of his who knows when they were last washed sheets. With four travel-friendly vials to compliment each stage of the day, it’s easy to dab on some “Morning” scent and go ahead and start your day fresh, even if you feel anything but.

Products available at your local drugstore or Dermstore. 
Deal of the Week

Monday, April 4, 2011

Juara Donating To Japan Relief

Not only are they having a sitewide sale with the below discount code, but now through April 15th, 10% of all online sales go to earthquake victim relief programs.
April Coupon