Friday, August 30, 2013

SOCK PANDA! Squee!!!!!!

Sock Panda is an online sock of the month club!!!!!! I'm losing my mind here.......You pick whether they're for women or men then if you want completely kooky or slightly more refined (or both!) $11 a month to build up your groovy sock collection. I'm on this like white on rice. I am a happy sock JUNKIE.

Socks Photo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

h20+ Restorative Eye Cream

If you asked me my favorite thing about this eye cream, I'd say it would hands down be how gentle it is. My skin, particularly around my eyes, can be incredibly sensitive; nothing worse than your eye cream actually CAUSING puffiness. Score 2- my eyeballs themselves can be pretty 'princess and the pea'. I've been using this most of the summer since this is when my allergies are at their zenith and it's so nice to have an eye cream that doesn't worsen my watery, itchy eyes.

It has a lighter than air, gel like texture that absorbs quickly and doesn't cause problems applying makeup. It's very concentrated as well, it's going to last you a good long time, both in quantity and actually on your face. I find it incredibly soothing with an almost cooling sensation. A few dabs of this takes me to my "ahhhhh" spot.

  • Japanese Green tea, Paraguay tea and aloe vera soothe sensitive skin and calm redness.
  • Moisture-intensive cream deeply nourishes and helps reduce the look of fine lines.
  • Caffeine minimizes a puffy appearance; micro-illuminators visibly brighten shadowy undereyes.
  • Free of parabens, dyes and fragrances.
  • Sensitive skin tested.
Japanese Green Tea: This ancient tea leaf infuses the skin with superior antioxidant protection. Remarkably high concentrations of Vitamin A provide a virtual shield against damage caused by environmental stressors.
Paraguay Tea: Native to subtropical South America, antioxidant-rich yerba maté supplies an abundance of the group of nutrients that include Vitamin A, C, E and the minerals Zinc and Selenium. Studies show that it fights free radicals with 52 more active compounds than green tea.
Red Marine Algae: Abundant in cold climates, red marine algae contains trace minerals and fatty acids essential to maintaining healthy, balanced skin and a firm texture.

Marine Calm™ Restorative Eye Cream

last call for August Glossybox and unheard of subscription discount!

Glossybox NEVER gives actual discounts on their subs, it's always just a freebie item- so jump on it while you can! 15% off FOREVER with the code

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My recipe for Chicken Florentine Lasagna

Here Ya Go!

Posted on Just A Pinch, one of my absolute favorite recipe sites.

Easy Florentine Chicken Lasagne Recipe

Pure Luxury GlossyBox Product Reviews and upcoming August box sneak peek and 15% discount code

You can sign up HERE to get your own Glossybox!

Pure Luxury

The August GLOSSBOX was filled with products to pamper. After a long summer, we’re getting ready for Fall and in need of a little R & R to get us back to reality. Each product in our August box is made to nourish from head to toe and are infused with vitamins and natural oils leaving you feeling luxurious and radiant. Pure luxury at its finest. It came to a $98 value! 

So here's my reviews of the products themselves- and a sneak peek at the soon to ship August 2013 box!

The luxury beauty experience
A FULL SIZED $19 value Jelly Pong Pong lip crayon in assorted colors and a full sized $28 value Sue Devitt pressed powder + 3 more items! WOW!

 Use coupon code JULYMAG to save 15% off of any GlossyBox subscription. These percentage-off coupons are somewhat rare (typically they have free gift coupons), so I definitely recommend taking advantage of this coupon if GlossyBox has been on your wishlist! This coupon brings the cost of a 3-month subscription down to $17 a box, or an annual subscription down to only $15.58 a box!

It’s for replenishing dull, lackluster hair and enhancing shine.
We love that all hair types can use it and experience great results.
We recommend massaging through mid-lengths and ends while hair is wet.

Infused with a moringa oil blend and blessed with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. It's no surprise that so many stylists are incorporating this into their blowouts and styles- it leaves your hair super crazy shiny, bouncy and softer than Snuggle Bear. After I lightened my hair, it felt a lot rougher than I was used to- I'm used to my hair feeling quite silky, actually. A few drops of this and my hair was restored and all frizz was banished. Even my split ends seemed to be sealed. A TIIINY bit of thjis goes a long way, so a bottle lasts forever. Seriously, all I need is a few drops for my waist length hair. 

It’s for adding a lightweight, long-lasting color on lips.
We love that it comes in three luxurious textures: Creamy Lips for a soft velvety matte finish, Milky Lips for a gloss finish & Glazed Lips for a touch of color.
We recommend applying Ellis lips with the applicator first by painting the lips with just a small amount of lipstick, then fully load the applicator to fill completely.

A liquid lipstick for classic definition and long-wearing coverage. The gorgeous texture of this highly pigmented lipstick gives great definition to your lips, both as a full-coverage lipstick as well as a stain. All shades are "human colors," meaning that they are inspired by the colors that by nature already exist in the human body and are therefore suitable for all skintones. It is formulated Without: - Parabens This product is unscented and unflavored.

I love the richness of the formula and the color. It's SO crazy pigmented, so you can either put it on with a heavy hand for a dramatic look like I did here, or you can blot it to make an absolutely GORGEOUS stain. The tube is a really sturdy metal, so these will not get trashed in your purse (with the bonus of feeling like a Bond girl when you put on your lipstick!) You know how everyone right now is all about the statement necklaces? Well this is statement LIPSTICK. Functions like a lipstick, applies and feels like a gloss, super moist and hydrating and uber pigmented. What more could you want? The applicator is also fun to play with ;-) 

Illamasqua Nail Varnish Radium 0.5 oz
It’s for grabbing people’s attention with vibrant colored nail varnish.
We love how chip resistant the polish is.
We recommend applying two coats for high intensity.

Radium is not for the faint of heart. I am SO grateful that I'm allowed (nee, expected) to be a little wacky at my job, because this polish is, well, the bomb. The finish is absolutely gorge with a subtle shimmer. The color is true and intense. The brush is shaped perfectly for easy application and it goes on smoooth and even. And chipping? Fuhgeddaboutit. An absolute dream of a polish.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum 1 oz. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum 1 oz.
What is it: A lightweight, oil-free treatment serum for daytime use.Who is it for: All skin types, women and men alike. Anyone concerned about aging.Why is it different: It is a daytime serum, while many are made for nighttime use. It contains rose hips, a source of vitamin C, popular in Ole's native Denmark.How do I use it: Apply evenly to face (bringing it up under the eyes) and neck after cleansing and toning. After absorption, follow with your favorite moisturizer.From Ole Henriksen.Includes:

It’s for smoothing out lines and wrinkles while preventing further damage to your skin.
We love the delicious citrus scent.
We recommend applying to face and neck after cleaning and toning.

I have been using this on and off for over a year now, and I always come back to it. I love the way it primes my skin in the mornings by tightening my pores and skin and brightening up my complexion in general. It's extremely light and absorbs into the skin quickly. I use this after cleansing and toning and before using my moisturiser. I recently started using this on my chest as well and have been seriously amazed at the results. The skin is firmer for sure. I sleep on my side and I used to wake up with temporary wrinkles on my chest from the skin being all squished up all night. Not anymore! It also has lessened the impact of my 9 gazillion freckles. LOVE!!!!!!

TOUCH IN SOL Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base
It’s for providing skin a flawless and smooth surface for foundation and makeup.
We love the texture.

This stuff moisturizes with honey and hyaluronic acid while providing a super smooth, glowing base for your foundation. Using this before a BB cream makes you look FANTASTIC. The texture is really different from most primers- it feels a little sticky and oddly cool when you first apply it to your face. It feels, like, well, honey. Then suddenly your skin has slurped it up and feels extremely plump and juicy. Yep, It makes your skin feel juicy, baby. Not sure what the point of the little gold flecks in it are, but they sure do make it look purty. Those Koreans, kicking everyone's butt with cosmetics innovations!

So as you can see, this one was a total boon- I ADORED every last single item. I'm chomping at the bit to get my current box!!!!!

20 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks

This article on Eyeliner Tricks is the cat's pajamas and very helpful- check it out!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beauty Box 5 Tricks Of The Trade almost made me dump them and why I reconsidered, realizing I was being a spoiled baby

 In October 2012, I came very close to cancelling my BeautyBox 5 subscription because I received this box. I'm the first to say that samplers are all about that- sampling products and finding things you just can't live without or would have never thought to try, but this one just seemed SO skeebly that I couldn't even be sure that I'd actually even gotten my $12 worth. I bet I did just barely.

When my yearly sub ran out, I should have taken advantage of the huge price break that you get for a yearly sub- only $8.25 a month. There's no way to NOT get your money's worth then! I think we've all gotten so spoiled by samplers giving us huge amounts of near free stuff that when it actually hits the financial nail pretty close we feel ripped off. If I had gotten this a few years ago, I would have been a lot happier- there are so many subscription services out there now that you really have to raise the bar to keep up. Do something unique and innovative, really follow through, really keep people's attention. 

One complaint that I've heard about BB5 is that they tend to have repeats of brands. I think that a lot of people don't realize that they are actually at the mercy of the companies providing the products. No, the sampler doesn't purchase them to then sell to us, they're given by the company to promote their product. They hope that we'll fall in love and buy more. What we're paying for is the service provided- scouting these companies out and getting these samples to us. I hear all the time "but I could get that sample at Sephora". yeah, and you'd have to buy something to get it. luckily, they seem to have really stepped up their game since this box (notice I said ALMOST cancelled- I'm still a subscriber.) 

I think what sank the presentation on this one was that 3 of the samples were flat items giving the impression of  those skeebly packette samples. In actuality, the products included in and of themselves were worthwhile items more or less, and despite the lack of flash, BB5 usually gives me a box where I can use every single item in it. 

So kvetching aside, here's what I thought of the actual products. 

Lash card 2 pack - well I'll be a monkey's uncle. They actually WORK! Isn't that what samplers are for? I would have never thought to buy these, but I'm glad I got to find out how cool they are! You place them behind your lashes while applying mascara and you magically don't get clumps, your lashes are more defined, and you don't get little eyelid dots like I tend to get. You can use them a few times before tossing them.

Furlesse elevens
Like the concept, but these are for wrinkles at the bridge of the nose between the eyes, which thankfully I don't have (yet), so these went into my mom's Christmas box.

Showstoppers ROCK! They aren't your standard double stick tape- they're made specifically for this purpose. They're very durable and don't leave an adhesive residue on your clothing. You can fix a hem, close a gap, avoid a nip slip, hide a bra strap...... Also very portable, I keep a few in my makeup bag just in case. I love these for when I realize that a button hole is loose and my shirts wants to come unbuttoned all day. I get leered at at work enough without the girls randomly whipping themselves out.... Look at all these celebs who've used Showstoppers!
Stop The Peep Show

City Lips lip plumper in one word? OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!
No kidding, I actually came very near to tears. I asked a friend of mine to try it to see if it was just me, and apparently it isn't. I'm guessing this based on the fact that she called me a bitch and threw a sofa cushion at me. It DID plump up my lips a ton, but no thanks. I had to wash my lips with facial cleanser and then slather moisturizer on them to make them stop burning.

Luckily, the lip balm from Goat Haus Dairy came to my rescue. This is one of the best lip balms I've EVER used. I have to say, I'm honestly stunned by how good it feels on your lips. Soft, creamy, smooth, moist, nourishing..... I could go on and on with the adjectives. Goat Haus Dairy is a family operated business in Bryan, Texas. Happy, well loved free range goats are the source for their superb products (their bath melts are also divine) And you can tell they put a lot of care into making their products. Oh! And the balm smells like vanilla sugar, too! It's pretty cool to be able to look on a company's web site and see their source in action :-)
Photo: Guess what time it is?!? Our kidding season started last night with this set of triplets

Margania pure Organic Argan oil is just that. Nothing but straight, organic argan oil. No fillers, no synthetics, no silicone. If you've never used argan oil do yourself a favor and get some NOW. This extremely nourishing oil is a miracle worker for skin, hair, eczema, wrinkles, scars, acne, cuticles and on and on. In your hair it makes for intense shine as well as a wonderful scalp treatment. On your skin it delivers intense vitamin E. What I like about the Margania line is that not only is it organic and pure, but it's also wildly less expensive than many other lines. 

So see? Despite my whining, I actually liked almost all of the products, I had just fallen into the trap of ridiculous sampler expectations. Plus- as you can see by my reviews of more recent BB5's, they've really upped their game.

Friday, August 16, 2013

giveaways to watch out for!

Coming up soon we'll be having giveaways from:

Overall Minerals
mineral eye shadows with lots of glitter

Gingerbread Cupboard
Wax Tart Melts New Scent List 50 Bulk You pick Scents


Waller Top in Heather

and Mirenesse
Winner Best  Gloss-Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain Pinks 3.1g

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Fab Summer Clearance ends at midnight- shoes starting at $9.99!!!

Check it out!

Last Chance. Summer Clearance Sale Ends Today!

Last day to get a Klutch Box for a dollar


Here's what you can expect!

Max Studio Deals (Plus My Amazon Deal Pick of the day)

Super Dress Sale

 I have the dresses below, and was TOTALLY hyped to see most of them still on sale! MaxStudio has some truly stunning clothes, and while regular prices are high, you can find some real deals in their sale section.

 Normally $128!!! On sale for THIRTY EIGHT DOLLARS!!!
The intricate textures of tiered lace add a feminine sensibility to this tank dress. With an easy pullover design and flattering, slim silhouette that flares slightly at the hem, it’s the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for work, weekends and everything in-between. The soft cotton has a comfortable lightweight with a hint of stretch, making it an ideal piece to pack for warm weather getaways. Fits true to size.

 Available in green and white- I have the green. I wore this constantly this spring. Normal retail $158! That's $100 off, yo!

I have this one too! Check out the insanely awesome bodice!!!!!!! Originally $168- on sale for $98. Once people get a close look at it, they're always blown away. These clothes are SO cray cray well made.

This jersey is soft, it is stretchy and it fits so well it’s like a best friend! Wear now with bare legs and later with tights, boots and a chic raincoat. Use the arrow to zoom in and see the raw-edges ribbons adding texture to the bust with multi-knotted florets, twists and braids. The shirred sleeve has the braided detail and together it creates a folded self-cuff. The length is just-above-the knee, the fit is true and the medium-weight jersey is unlined and not see-through. Maxstudio.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Indie Love

I am absolutely nuts about Trillium Organics Body Polish. Whenever I need an instant pick me up, I hop into the shower for a quick refreshing scrub, bringing my Trillium Organics Pink Grapefruit Organic Body Polish with me. This stuff is da bomb and is handmade in Wisconsin. Another great item to perk you up after a long day when you have more ahead of you, the pink grapefruit scent is invigorating and refreshing and returns you to a state of alertness and energy. Not only does it remove the day's debris from your skin, but safflower, soy and vitamin E oils leave you feeling so silky you don't need a body moisturizer. A plus- Grapefruit is a detoxifier AND reduces cellulite! They are also certified organic by the USDA!

Sweet Peanut Pie Sugar Scrub

 I got the honor of trying out a new product being developed by Sweet Peanut Pie, a peppermint sugar scrub. Super energizing and soothing and the perfect blend of smooth oils and scrubby sugar granules. It wasn't so oily that it made the tub floor slippery, but had enough that I didn't even need a body lotion afterward. The peppermint was zingy and gave a lovely tingling feel. My skin was soft and and rid of all dry spots. Yummy, and I can't wait until they start selling it- keep your eyes open, and in the meantime try out some of their adorable bath fizzies!
Variety 6 pack of cupcake bath fizzies

I've raved about Overall Beauty's mineral line before, but I wanted to revisit their awesomeness. 
I love that they have sampler packs that you can play around with, and the colors are generally pretty eye popping, especially if you do a wet application. They have a number of metallics that I'm quite fond of and they specialize in a lot of "gothy" colors that are really lovely. The minerals can be applied just about anywhere, even mixed with clear polish for nail color! Silly as it may seem, I like to use some of the blues and greens as lip shimmers when I feel like really standing out- though granted this is a look that I tend to not wear to work at the library.....A little goes a long way so they last forever- I have sample jars from them that lasted longer than some full sized pans. Go check out some of their awesome sparkly colors like Flash and Imagine! And let me reiterate, for $1.50 you can a generous sample jar of any color!

Sweet Tarts

To think, a few short years ago, I'd never even heard of scent tarts. I received some and thought they were soap samples! now I'm an addict and lucky for me, there's tons of folks out there making some good ones. It's a great way to support independent artisans without breaking the bank.

I like that I can have the type of scent dispersal as with a candle without worrying that I'm gonna set the house on fire. (I used to have a very curious kitty that was constantly singeing her whiskers on candle flames. Poor thing just never learned....) but these are much safer than candles as there's no actual flame and the wax melts at a much lower heat point so even if you spill some wax on you, it won't burn. As a matter of fact, I often dip my fingers into the wax pool to provide relief to the arthritis in my hands and love to rub the wax into rough patches on my skin for deep moisturizing. The warmed wax also makes for a terrific (and relaxing) massage. While most folks toss the wax after the scent is gone, I keep a little cup by my burner to pour it into to reuse for just such purposes.

So if you've never tried out anyone but Scentsy and don't know where to start, here's some good businesses who make great products to try out!

The Gingerbread Cupboard makes generously sized tarts and tends to throw in extras with your shipment as well. I always know I'm getting quality product with DIVINE smells! A jazillion scents to choose from, though I'm crazy for the apple scents....

50 Bulk Blended Soy Just Meltin Tarts Wax Melts

Ugly Duckling Designs has a mind blowing assortment of items, not just tarts, but candles, decor, dolls, and just about anything country style primitive under the sun. You can even host an online candle party for your friends to get free products! There's monthly candle and tarts clubs too! Talk about your one stop shopping! Mmmmmmm, orange dreamsicle.......
 Don't you want to EAT these!?!?!?

Anam Cara Candles  specializes in triple scented tarts and candles, so they have a really good strong scent that lasts a long time. They will also make wickless candles for those with wickless candle burners. The bakery scents are my particular favorites, the husband often asks me what I've been cooking when I melt one of these!

3 inch Tart Candles

Delightful Scents makes wonderful tarts and what I really love is that you can get sampler bags so you can mix and match your scents. (Guess what my friends got last Christmas?) They also offer e-parties with hostess gifts and unlike a lot of tart sellers, they have an absolutely ENORMOUS selection of warmers as well! There's always a good deal on whatever is the scent of the month, so be sure to see if that tickles your fancy.

This is just a tiny handful of the options out there, but for those of you new to the world of scent tarts, it should give you a good place to start.