Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Indie Love

I am absolutely nuts about Trillium Organics Body Polish. Whenever I need an instant pick me up, I hop into the shower for a quick refreshing scrub, bringing my Trillium Organics Pink Grapefruit Organic Body Polish with me. This stuff is da bomb and is handmade in Wisconsin. Another great item to perk you up after a long day when you have more ahead of you, the pink grapefruit scent is invigorating and refreshing and returns you to a state of alertness and energy. Not only does it remove the day's debris from your skin, but safflower, soy and vitamin E oils leave you feeling so silky you don't need a body moisturizer. A plus- Grapefruit is a detoxifier AND reduces cellulite! They are also certified organic by the USDA!

Sweet Peanut Pie Sugar Scrub

 I got the honor of trying out a new product being developed by Sweet Peanut Pie, a peppermint sugar scrub. Super energizing and soothing and the perfect blend of smooth oils and scrubby sugar granules. It wasn't so oily that it made the tub floor slippery, but had enough that I didn't even need a body lotion afterward. The peppermint was zingy and gave a lovely tingling feel. My skin was soft and and rid of all dry spots. Yummy, and I can't wait until they start selling it- keep your eyes open, and in the meantime try out some of their adorable bath fizzies!
Variety 6 pack of cupcake bath fizzies

I've raved about Overall Beauty's mineral line before, but I wanted to revisit their awesomeness. 
I love that they have sampler packs that you can play around with, and the colors are generally pretty eye popping, especially if you do a wet application. They have a number of metallics that I'm quite fond of and they specialize in a lot of "gothy" colors that are really lovely. The minerals can be applied just about anywhere, even mixed with clear polish for nail color! Silly as it may seem, I like to use some of the blues and greens as lip shimmers when I feel like really standing out- though granted this is a look that I tend to not wear to work at the library.....A little goes a long way so they last forever- I have sample jars from them that lasted longer than some full sized pans. Go check out some of their awesome sparkly colors like Flash and Imagine! And let me reiterate, for $1.50 you can a generous sample jar of any color!

Sweet Tarts

To think, a few short years ago, I'd never even heard of scent tarts. I received some and thought they were soap samples! now I'm an addict and lucky for me, there's tons of folks out there making some good ones. It's a great way to support independent artisans without breaking the bank.

I like that I can have the type of scent dispersal as with a candle without worrying that I'm gonna set the house on fire. (I used to have a very curious kitty that was constantly singeing her whiskers on candle flames. Poor thing just never learned....) but these are much safer than candles as there's no actual flame and the wax melts at a much lower heat point so even if you spill some wax on you, it won't burn. As a matter of fact, I often dip my fingers into the wax pool to provide relief to the arthritis in my hands and love to rub the wax into rough patches on my skin for deep moisturizing. The warmed wax also makes for a terrific (and relaxing) massage. While most folks toss the wax after the scent is gone, I keep a little cup by my burner to pour it into to reuse for just such purposes.

So if you've never tried out anyone but Scentsy and don't know where to start, here's some good businesses who make great products to try out!

The Gingerbread Cupboard makes generously sized tarts and tends to throw in extras with your shipment as well. I always know I'm getting quality product with DIVINE smells! A jazillion scents to choose from, though I'm crazy for the apple scents....

50 Bulk Blended Soy Just Meltin Tarts Wax Melts

Ugly Duckling Designs has a mind blowing assortment of items, not just tarts, but candles, decor, dolls, and just about anything country style primitive under the sun. You can even host an online candle party for your friends to get free products! There's monthly candle and tarts clubs too! Talk about your one stop shopping! Mmmmmmm, orange dreamsicle.......
 Don't you want to EAT these!?!?!?

Anam Cara Candles  specializes in triple scented tarts and candles, so they have a really good strong scent that lasts a long time. They will also make wickless candles for those with wickless candle burners. The bakery scents are my particular favorites, the husband often asks me what I've been cooking when I melt one of these!

3 inch Tart Candles

Delightful Scents makes wonderful tarts and what I really love is that you can get sampler bags so you can mix and match your scents. (Guess what my friends got last Christmas?) They also offer e-parties with hostess gifts and unlike a lot of tart sellers, they have an absolutely ENORMOUS selection of warmers as well! There's always a good deal on whatever is the scent of the month, so be sure to see if that tickles your fancy.

This is just a tiny handful of the options out there, but for those of you new to the world of scent tarts, it should give you a good place to start.

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