Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mirenesse Cosmetics review and All About the Eyes giveaway! $76 value and discount code

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So I first got a Mirenesse Lip Bomb in a sampler and fell immediately in love. I didn't fall for Hubband this hard. Then I got a Glossy Kiss to renew my vows. I couldn't take it anymore- had to find out more about this Australian company that was suddenly on my radar! I went onto their site to discover that they have these brief flash sales where stuff is SUPER DUPER CHEAP. Such as....

4 Full sized products- I PAID $ 9.99

1. Clearly Pink Eternal Gloss -retail $26.95

2. Secret Weapon Mascara -retail $35.00

3. Cat Eyes Kohl Black Eyeliner and Smudger Pencil (one of these is in the giveaway!)- retail $26.95

4. Black Bomb Shadow Crayon - retail, no idea- these aren't a regular Mirenesse product

These were a promotional item for an Australian band I've never heard of, but who cares? $9.99!!!!!! For 4 full sized items that normally cost double that per item! Woot! You can see swatches and in depth reviews in the video, but let's just say that I ADORE all of it. To be able to throw a full face on in 5 minutes? Golden. Easiest smoky eye ever. 

The gloss lasts forever and is super shiny, the mascara makes my lashes touch my eyebrows, and the pencil does an amazing job emphasizing my eyes and making them look HUGE and there's no smudging. YAY for a black eyeliner that doesn't turn me into a raccoon! 

Lip Bomb #3 
I now have something like 6 of these. They're addictive. A stain, a gloss, and a lip lacquer in one. They last FOREVER and it takes only the teeny tinest, itty bitty bit. These will wind up being willed to my grandchildren....

Winner Best  Gloss-Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain Pinks 3.1g

Crystal Glow Hydrating Powder- retail $49.95
Feels amazingly soft on your skin, like velvet, and your skin glows like that lil chandelier on the applicator got installed in your face. I recommend applying with a brush for a more natural look, save the sponge for when you're going dramatic. I love that It's solid so it doesn't spill everywhere but then you get to apply it like a loose powder. I wish more companies did their powders like this!
So now

The Giveaway- (retail prices sound a bit odd because these are the prices converted from Australian to American dollars) $76 value!

Cat Eyes liner in Minx Black -retail $26.95
Cat Eyes Liner Pencil + Smudger 2g

lash comb/Liner Brush Duo -retail $26.55
Seamless Velvet Shadow Duo in Indian Princess- retail $22.46
Seamless Velvet Shadow Long Wear Wet / Dry Minerals 2.5g

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