Sunday, June 28, 2015

I LOVE hyaluronic acid!

100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2oz

 You see your skin becoming plumper, more hydrated and visibly more youthful with the first application. You don't want to use this in lieu of a moisturizer (serums are meant to be applied underneath serum). Instead this makes your moisturizer more effective and allows your skin to retain moisture; one reason why you should apply it on slightly damp skin. make sure your skin and pores are clean to readily absorb the serum; it's always best to exfoliate at least once a week for the best absorption of serums, you really want to take full advantage of that by prepping your skin. I did a comparison of my moisturizer using this on one half of my face and none on the other, and the serum side definitely looked fresher and the skin looked firmer with fine lines temporarily filled in.

100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2oz

La Beauty Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel - HAPPY EYES!

Vitamin C Eye Gel *Premium Eye Cream: Peptides, cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid & MSM *Free "DIY Facial Mask Treatment" eBook *OVER .5 oz ~ 15% more than other brands *La Beauté Pure~Simply the Best

This little jar packs a BIG punch! The ingredients are incredible- all of them are proven anti aging tools and this is a fantastic combo. They work together to really revitalize your eyes.

A little dab'll do ya, the jar size is deceptive- the product will actually last quite a long time. This is a cooling, soothing, hydrating gel that feels amazing. You see some results immediately, tighter and brighter undereye area and crows feet have a smoother appearance. After a few weeks of use, the results go deeper and you start to see it on a more permanent level.

I love the inclusion of vitamin c, the skin around the eyes is SOOOOOO delicate, and the C helps protect you from sun damage while also doing repair work. This works perfectly in conjunction with their fantastic Vitamin C Serum.

Product Description

ADVANCED INGREDIENTS:*5% Vitamin C is the perfect amount for the delicate eye tissue.
*The skin around the eye is very thin and more absorptive than other areas. When JOJOBA OIL is applied to this delicate skin it penetrates deeply in the inner layers, helping to restore skin's structure and moisturizing qualities. It is known as nature's wrinkle fighter.
*When applied to skin ALOE can penetrate 3 epidermal layers driving nutrients and moisture deeper in the layers of your skin. Aloe stimulates new healthy cell growth and helps heal damaged skin tissue.
*BOTANICAL HYALURONIC ACID improves the moisturizing effects of other products by increasing your cells ability to retain moisture. HA reduces visible signs of fine line and wrinkles and hydrates from the inside out.

*Cool, calming, hydrating, helps to revive tired eyes.
*Reduces visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Reduces dark circles and puffiness.
*Tones and firms sagging skin.

*Dedicated to the environment.
*100% Wind Powered.
*Facility built using eco-conscious materials and methods.
*Facilitates the planting of multiple fruit tree orchards in low-income communities and Native American Reservations around the USA.

*Enjoy our Free DIY Face-mask eBook w/ ingredients found in your kitchen.
Irritants in beauty products can cause melasma and irritation. Our Beauty Products are free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, GMO's, sulphates, petrochemicals, and phthalates (98% Natural, 72% organic), making it great on all skin types.
Money back guarantee, backed by Amazon.
La Beauté Pure: Premium Products ~ Simply the Best©

Rosehip Oil Is My Current Go Skin Oil

I have been using this the last few weeks as a go to dry oil, it's good for everything from your face to your body to your hair to scars.

It comes with a dropper so you can either get a few drops at a time for face or hair use or pour some into your palm for larger application areas like your body. The HUGE 4 oz bottle is also dark so it maintains it's efficacy; however to keep it at it's most effective, I recommend storing either in the refrigerator or a cool dark place- i:e- not your bathroom.

I am a huge fan, as I've stated multiple times, of natural and organic products as well as multitasking products. Putting this on my legs after shaving made them feel INSANELY soft and smooth, and using this at night under my moisturizer left my skin glowing.

I applied a few drops of this to the ends of my hair and it tamed my split ends. I'm looking at my hair right now, and I honestly can't even see them. (Wow, do I need a haircut!)

My fave use so far has got to be how it's making the scars on my foot feel. I had some really major surgery on my foot a few months ago that left positively enormous scars that hurt like heck as the skin fights to stretch and heal. The itching gets so intense that it wakes me up sometimes, but I can put this oil on it and it absorbs immediately and brings up to 12 hours of relief. Ahhhhhhhhh.......And the price? You have to be kidding. This is ridonk cheap!

Get it 57% off (only $13!) through this link

Product Description

Cold Pressed - Triple Purified - 100% Pure - No Fillers or AdditivesEXPERIENCE DEEPLY HYDRATED AND NOURISHED SKIN AND HAIR WITH goPure Organic Rosehip Oil

This 100% Pure Rosehip Oil is completely organic
goPure Organic Rosehip Oil Benefits:
    • Quickly penetrates the skin to immediately protect and infuse with rich LASTING moisture
    • Deeply Nourishes and Hydrates Dry Scalp or Damaged Hair - Helping to Reduce Dryness and Flakiness
    • 100% Natural, Paraben Free, No added Fragrance or Color
    • Essential Hydrating Nutrients in the Rosehip Oil Help Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Supplies nutrients to maintain elasticity and a soft, even texture.
    • Helps with Dry Skin, Rough Patches, Stretch Marks, Psorias, Eczema, Chapped Lips and Cuticles
Great for DIY Skin Care!
    • Rosehip Oil is a very popular moisturizer and also is a GREAT CARRIER OIL
    • goPure organic Rosehip Oil is considered to be the highest quality and purity on the market and is used By Many DIY Skin Care and Hair Care Pros!
    • Very Fresh Rosehip Oil
    • Does not clog pores, hypo-allergenic, Absorbs Quickly and Doesn't Feel Oily!

OUR 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason up to 1 Year after purchase we will gladly issue you a complete refund!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Just In Time For Summer- No More Tepid Cocktails

WOW! This mug is AWESOME. I think I might never drink out of anything else ever again. The story of why Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper is pretty funny. This is perfect for summer, it keeps your drink SUPER CRAZY cold. And they aren't just functional but beautiful as well.

This SPECIFIC brand? The mug is incredibly well made. Sturdy, good heft, and solid. I think this is going to last a good long time, and these are my go to guys to get more of these.

Bonus was a set of recipe cards with some fantastic cocktails!

If These Are The Wire Hangers Joan Crawford Whacked Her Kid With, They Left BRUISES!

BriaUSA 100 Strong Silver Color Galvanized Metal Wire Hangers 16 Inch 13 Gauge Clothes Hangers

Dang! You could KILL somebody with one of these! I had no idea a metal hanger could have this kind of strength and heft. I'm gonna start keeping one of these by the bed instead of a baseball bat..... I put them to the test by using some to store my winter coats in the closet and they are holding them just fine- no sagging, no bending. Super strong with the slenderness and space saving of a standard metal hanger. These are metal hangers on steroids. And no, it's not a misprint. You get 100 of 'em!

  • Made of 13 Gauge Steel Wire Hangers (Thicker than 14.5 Gauge Hangers)
  • Original Sturdy Hangers by BriaUSA
  • Executive Collar Hanger, Long Neck
  • Size: 16 Inch, Silver Color, Matte Finish
  • Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

Sunsella Buddy Boxes Bento-Style Boxes

Sunsella Buddy Boxes - Plastic Bento Lunch Boxes - 4 Pack

While these aren't leak PROOF, they certainly don't seem to leak from section to section. I wouldn't cart soup in them, but they work just fine with yogurt, sauces, etc. The different colored lids are great for packing lunch the night before. My husband and I eat different amounts of food and with these he doesn't accidentally take my dainty lunch and I don't wind up with his lumber jack meal. They're perfect for separating things like your potatoes from your chicken or what have you. Also fantastic for sandwiches. I put my condiments in one section, veg in the other and that way it's not soggy by lunchtime. These are also a lot sturdier than the kind you can buy at the store like Ziploc brand. We've washed these a ton of times and the lids still fit and haven't warped, even after microwaving and the dishwasher.

Update- we liked these so much that we got another set! They' are AWESOME for separating a plate of leftovers so you don't have the second day soggy.

  • Child-friendly, easy-open lids (WARNING: NOT leakproof).
  • Premium quality, BPA, phthalate and lead free, highly durable, meets FDA standards.
  • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Conveniently stack together for space saving storage.
  • Save money on sandwich bags & plastic wrap. Great for color-coding lunches for the whole family.
  • Dimensions: Length 9.5 x width 6.2 x height 2.2 inches - 1st compartment: 3 1/2 cups, 2nd compartment: 1 1/3 cups, 3rd compartment: 1 cup.

Ch Ch Ch CHIA! From Ancient Superfood To Modern Day Daily Superfood

Aztec Gold sells them in handy little packets that you can take on the go! 

I first realized that chia seeds were for more than just "ChchchIA!" a few years ago and started adding them to all kinds of stuff! Smoothies, juice, salads, cookies, homemade granola bars, ANY food. They make your food go further as well as your sense of fullness and energy- they make a great binder for meatloaf. One of my favorite quick breakfasts is to take a flour tortilla and smear it with a nut butter, sprinkle it with chia seeds, then roll up a banana in the whole shebang. It WILL keep you full till lunch! 

Not only are they gluten/grain free naturally, but one tablespoon of Chia Seeds has more calcium than a glass of milk, more Omega-3s than Salmon, and more antioxidants than blueberries. Perfect? Almost… they do get stuck in your teeth sometimes :-) 
They also give you tons of energy but also won’t keep you awake at night and are supposed to be great for weight loss. Because they can absorb many times their size/weight in liquid, they are great for preventing dehydration during exercise or exposure to heat.
Supposedly, the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans used chia as a staple of their diet and as an energy food. Chia means “strength” in the Mayan language, and they were known as the “Indian Running Food” because runners and warriors would use them for sustenance  while running long distances or during battle.
According to Mountain Rose Herbs they contain “Essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linoleic acid, mucin, strontium, 30% protein, Vitamins A, B, E, and D, and minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, iron, iodine, copper, zinc, sodium, magnesium, manganese, niacin, thiamine, silicon, and anti-oxidants.”
Additionally,  “They are currently being used for their nutritional and medicinal properties, endurance for athletes, for suppressing the appetite, weight loss, leveling blood sugar, and for aiding intestinal regularity. Chia seeds readily dissolve into the water, creating a substance that looks like gelatin. This gel-forming action is due to the soluble fiber in the Chia seed. Researchers believe that this same gel-forming phenomenon takes place in the stomach when Chia seed is consumed, thus creating a physical barrier between carbohydrates and digestive enzymes and slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. Slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar helps with endurance and metabolic rates, which is beneficial for athletes and others”.
For weight loss, Chia seeds are an appetite suppressant, and Chia gel may be used to replace food within recipes. Bulking up a meal with Chia gel helps lessen the amount of food consumed, since Chia gel is primarily made up of water. Chia gel may also be used in place of fats within recipes, even within baked goods. Chia seed has hydrophilic properties, and can absorb more than 12 times its weigh in water. Because of this, Chia seeds can prolong hydration, helping retain moisture and regulate more efficiently the body’s absorption of nutrients and body fluids, including electrolyte balance.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mellanni Sheets - High End Quality At Wal Mart Prices

These sheets are SO amazingly soft and well made and comfy. I'm sleeping on a puppy's tummy. I seriously want them in every color.

  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE -Sleep better and wake up each morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. Silky soft, most comfortable and luxurious bed sheets you can find. Best for any room in your house - bedroom, guest room, kids room, RV, vacation home. Great gift idea for men and women, Moms and Dads, Valentine's - Mother's - Father's Day and Christmas.
  • Queen Size Luxury 4pc Bed Sheets Set - 1 flat sheet 102"x90", 1 fitted sheet 80"x60", 2 pillowcases 20"x30". Deep pocket fitted sheet with elastic all around (not just the corners, like other sheets). Fits mattresses up to 16"
  • EASY CARE -Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. Machine wash in cold. Dries quick on tumble dry low. More durable than cotton. Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • HIGHEST QUALITY BRUSHED MICROFIBER -Made of the highest quality microfiber and workmanship so you know it LASTS! Fabulous selection of colors will make your bedroom look like it belongs in a magazine
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE -Good Night Sleep or You Money Back Guarantee! Mellanni is a different kind of company that prides itself in providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. If for any reason you decide that this bed sheet set is not for you, send 1 simple email and receive a 100% money-back refund, absolutely no questions asked (in fact, you don't even have to return the set)

Digging Vidazen - Phytoceramides, Colon Cleanse & Garcinia

I'm such a chick sometimes. What can I say? I love the packaging! It helps when the supplements work too though I guess.......  These are really inexpensive, effective and have good ingredients. If you're looking to try a new supplement in your routine, these are a good way to go. These are all at a GEENORMOUS discount on Amazon right now, so it's a good deal to see if they work for you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Zozae Brush Kit Review- I'm so excited about these!!!

The Best Brushes To Apply Makeup
- Made from premium quality materials 
- Brushes won't shed even after washing 
- Super soft and smooth bristles allowing perfect application for any occasion 
- Includes a how-to guide for easy makeup application and top brush care tips for best results!
The Only Makeup Brush Set You'll Ever Need!
Each luxurious set contains: 
- Powder Brush: Can be used with pressed, loose or translucent powders to apply or set foundation 
- Foundation Brush: Can be used to apply and blend liquid or cream foundation 
- Angled Blush/Contour Brush: Can be used to precisely apply cream, liquid or powder blush or bronzer. 
- Lip Brush: Can be used to precisely line and apply lip colour 
- Angled Eyeliner Brush: Can be used with gel or cream eyeliner to easily apply eyeliner 
- Eyeshadow Shader Brush: Can be used to apply eyeshadow all over the lid 
- Tapered Blending Brush: Can be used to blend eyeshadow colours for a smoky look 
- Flat Concealer Brush: Can be used to blend concealer to precisely cover up blemishes or redness
Includes a Sleek Makeup Brush Bag - Free Gift For a Limited Time Only!
- Individual compartments to perfectly store and protect your makeup brushes 
- Bag made from high quality material 
- Organize all your makeup brushes in one compact bag- Perfect for travelling!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Makeup Brushes That You Can Rely On To Apply Perfect Makeup Every Time

Premium Makeup Brushes 8pcs Kit Set with Case Bag Organizer - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! - High Quality Synthetic Kabuki Brush - Best for Eyes and Face - Limited Time Offer!

I already have one scar on my neck, don't need another!

Athletes are insane. A necklace will not make you win a baseball game.

Science Proves It

The necklace itself is sturdy and well made. Very heavy duty and the clasp is fantastic and won't come loose during heavy activity. My rating is not for the company but for the actual functioning of the necklace however. I do believe in things like energy flow and feng shui and Eastern healing methods, however this did nothing for me except make my neck itch. The outside edge of the necklace is rough and scratchy and actually left a rash on my neck from rubbing. Now I look like somebody gave me 'The Columbian Necktie' . Pass.

20" Titanium Tornado Necklace - Triple Rope Sports Necklace. Tough Enough to be Worn on the Field & Stylish Enough to be Worn Off of It. Perfect for Athletes and Fans of Baseball, Softball, Golf, Football, Basketball, Hockey or Soccer. 100% Satisfaction Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

A good deal on Garcinia- 63% off

2ndNatureHealth, Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, 1000mg Vegetable Capsules, Recommended 60% HCA, 100% pure. For Natural Weight Loss, Appetite Suppression & A Good Digestive System. 60 Count. (Packaging May Vary)

Product Description

What is Garcinia Cambogia?Garcinia Cambogia is a small tropical fruit shaped like a pumpkin, which has been used for centuries as a cooking ingredient throughout Asia and India. Its rind contains an active ingredient called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), which is extracted and put into supplements. Studies have shown that when taken at the correct levels, HCA can benefit us in many ways, including:
Safe and Effective Weight Loss*
Naturally Decreased Appetite*
Suppressed Cravings*
Blocking Fat From Forming*
Improved Serotonin Levels.* More Seretonin = More Happiness!
Increased Overall Health*
Better Digestion*

Why choose 2ndNatureDirect?
2ndNatureDirect is a family run company, who care about our customers. That is why for our health range, we sell only the very best quality Garcinia Cambogia, manufactured in a top US factory that operates under strict FDA guidelines.
In addition, our 60, 1000mg capsules are:
100% Pure
At Dr Oz Recommended 60% Levels of HCA
Suitable for Vegetarians
Non Stimulating
Gluten Free
Free From Artificial Ingredients
GMO Free
Easy to Swallow - Unlike Some Competitors Who Have Giant Pills!
In addition, we are so confident in the quality of our product that we have included a 14 Day No Worries Guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, simply contact us and we will replace or exchange it (where available) absolutely free!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Protein Shaker Bottle By Maximum Muscular - Best shaker I've ever used!

First of all, as silly as it sounds, I love that this is available in a lot of color choices- I LOVE orange! YAY!

After using this, I cannot believe that I actually paid more than the price of this for my Amazing Meal shaker - this one is SO much better! It has a fantastic 20 oz capacity and unlike my other shaker this one apparently just CANNOT leak- I've knocked it over on it's side and had it turn upside down in my bag without a single drop spilled. The flip cap makes it super easy to drink from even while on the move.

The strainer/blender inside is brilliant, it really blends my protein shakes up really well- no more clumps. Best part? The storage compartment on the bottom. You can put supplements in it or if you like to take a shake on the go, you can put your premeasured powder in the bottom and add it to your liquid when your'e ready to drink it instead of having to pre-mix it and have it go yucky. Easily the coolest, handiest shaker bottle I've ever seen.

Protein Shaker Bottle By Maximum Muscular, Cup with Extra Storage Compartment for Powders & Pills, Massive 20oz Capacity

  • LARGE CAPACITY; holds a whooping 20oz of liquid. Serious athletes will certainly have enough supplements or refreshments to last them an entire workout session. Forget about breaking for a juice refill.
  • LEAK PROOF; you won't make a mess all over the place with this shaker bottle. The lid features a twist and lock system that keeps liquids safely inside. Simply close and shake without fussing about leakages
  • COMPACT DESIGN WITH EXTRA COMPARTMENTS; All-in-one solution for storing everything athletes need to make nutritious shakes. Thanks to the shaker bottle with compartment for supplement pills or powders within the same unit. You will have an incredible two storage spaces.
  • STYLISH COLOUR VARIATIONS; who said gym stuff has to be dull and boring? Add a little fun and attitude to perfect functionality with up to 4 pleasantly fashionable colours to choose from.
  • DURABLE PREMIUM PLASTIC; lightweight and sturdy plastic won't crack or shatter easily; It will not break easily. With additional packaging during shipping, you are guaranteed to enjoy your shaker bottle for a long time.

A Workout GAME? HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

I was honestly surprised by how much fun this is! After watching me use it a few times, my husband even started joining in, which if you knew how lazy he is, you would see it for the miracle that it is......

Unlike a workout video, you don't get bored with the same routine over and over. There's never the same thing twice- tons of variety. By turning it into a competition and a game it becomes fun instead of a chore. The exercises are suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified to suit your physical abilities. If you're unsure of how exactly to do the exercise given, there's a link AND a Q code to access a video demonstrating the exercise! That's amazing!

A big bonus is that you don't need any special equipment, just you and your motivation. This is portable and you can take it with you anywhere for a quick burst workout.

The HIIT Interval Workouts Game by Stack 52. Designed By Military Fitness Expert. High Intensity Interval Training Game Includes Video Instructions. Bodyweight exercises,No Equipment Needed. Fun & Motivating

The HIIT Interval Workouts Game by Stack 52. Designed By Military Fitness Expert. High Intensity Interval Training Game Includes Video Instructions. Bodyweight exercises,No Equipment Needed. Fun & Motivating

  • GET RESULTS FAST: Scientific studies show that HIIT burns fat and improves fitness more effectively than traditional workouts. The HIIT Interval Workouts Game was by designed by scientist and military fitness expert Sergeant Volkin who received a medal for the exercise programs he designed for the Army.
  • FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE: Use the game to quickly create a unique HIIT workout you can do anywhere at any time. Workouts typically last 4 - 20 minutes. The difficulty is progressive. You can start at any level and advance to elite strength and fitness.
  • EASY TO GET STARTED: No equipment, no planning, no memberships. Scan the exercise cards with a smartphone for online videos of Sergeant Volkin demonstrating each exercise. Visit our website for detailed video and written instructions.
  • IT'S A FUN GAME: You can play by yourself or compete with your friends, spouse, or children! Use the strategy cards to earn extra points, give your opponent extra exercises, or block your opponent's strategy cards! No boredom; you will never play the same game or get the same workout twice.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: If you don't LOVE this game, you get your money back.