Saturday, June 27, 2015

If These Are The Wire Hangers Joan Crawford Whacked Her Kid With, They Left BRUISES!

BriaUSA 100 Strong Silver Color Galvanized Metal Wire Hangers 16 Inch 13 Gauge Clothes Hangers

Dang! You could KILL somebody with one of these! I had no idea a metal hanger could have this kind of strength and heft. I'm gonna start keeping one of these by the bed instead of a baseball bat..... I put them to the test by using some to store my winter coats in the closet and they are holding them just fine- no sagging, no bending. Super strong with the slenderness and space saving of a standard metal hanger. These are metal hangers on steroids. And no, it's not a misprint. You get 100 of 'em!

  • Made of 13 Gauge Steel Wire Hangers (Thicker than 14.5 Gauge Hangers)
  • Original Sturdy Hangers by BriaUSA
  • Executive Collar Hanger, Long Neck
  • Size: 16 Inch, Silver Color, Matte Finish
  • Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

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