Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I already have one scar on my neck, don't need another!

Athletes are insane. A necklace will not make you win a baseball game.

Science Proves It

The necklace itself is sturdy and well made. Very heavy duty and the clasp is fantastic and won't come loose during heavy activity. My rating is not for the company but for the actual functioning of the necklace however. I do believe in things like energy flow and feng shui and Eastern healing methods, however this did nothing for me except make my neck itch. The outside edge of the necklace is rough and scratchy and actually left a rash on my neck from rubbing. Now I look like somebody gave me 'The Columbian Necktie' . Pass.

20" Titanium Tornado Necklace - Triple Rope Sports Necklace. Tough Enough to be Worn on the Field & Stylish Enough to be Worn Off of It. Perfect for Athletes and Fans of Baseball, Softball, Golf, Football, Basketball, Hockey or Soccer. 100% Satisfaction Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

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