Friday, June 5, 2015

Bubba Earth Naturals Pain Relief Gel- Sweet, Sweet Relief!

I am on the computer ALLLLLLL day every day and that wreaks havoc on my already arthritic hands and bad back. I started suffering from arthritis at an early age (25) so believe me when I tell you I have tried the gamut of products.
Maybe if I had had this at 25 I'd still be playing Tekken!

This is a thick gel-like cream (more like a balm) that feels fantastic massaged into your sore spots and joints. When my hands start to ache, I take a small glob of this and massage it into my hands and within a few minutes I'm good to go again. The blend of analgesic botanicals target the pain without having to load up on pain meds that can stress the organs. On Memorial Day my back was in so much pain I was actually in tears and a friend of mine sweetly volunteered to rub this into my back and my tears of pain turned to a big happy grin and I was able to finally get some relief.

It's in a convenient tin so it's a breeze to keep on you all the time and you don't have to worry about a leaking bottle either!

Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief Cream For Elbow, Knee, Neck & Wrist. All Natural Treatment rub Anti-inflammatory balm for inflammation of Muscle, Shoulder and Back. Therapy ointment gel for Tendonitis, Gout, Sprain & Carpal Tunnel~100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 1) AVOID PAIN CAUSED BY INFLAMMATION that gets in the way of your daily life. Our new joint pain relief cream ointment is specially crafted to deliver anti-inflammatory pain relievers for arthritis, back pain, joint pain. neck pain, foot pain, sprains, tendonitis, shin splints, etc. Because it reduces inflammation, you can get pain relief and faster arthritis pain relief.
  • 2) MEDICAL SCIENCE CONFIRMS COMFREY as a powerful analgesic pain reliever which acts by reducing inflammation which is causing your pain. Plus we added (6) additional POTENT ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES famous for their pain relief.
  • 3) GET DEEP HEALING RELIEF. Our Joint Arthritis Relief moves deep into areas of pain because we included eucalyptus, camphor, jojoba and other essential oil that moves through the dermal barrier. Use with or without other arthritis gloves, wrist brace or other remedies or aids.
  • 4) 100% NATURAL AND CRAFTED FROM PREMIUM INGREDIENTS sourced with organics with fair trade origins, and specially crafted in here in the USA. You will find it soothes your skin with a non-greasy cream ointment, that leaves your skin soft.
  • 5) BUY CONFIDENTLY WITH OUR NO WORRY GUARANTEE. Your satisfaction is priority 1. You can expect fast friendly service with no hassle from us.

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