Sunday, June 28, 2015

La Beauty Pure Vitamin C Eye Gel - HAPPY EYES!

Vitamin C Eye Gel *Premium Eye Cream: Peptides, cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid & MSM *Free "DIY Facial Mask Treatment" eBook *OVER .5 oz ~ 15% more than other brands *La Beauté Pure~Simply the Best

This little jar packs a BIG punch! The ingredients are incredible- all of them are proven anti aging tools and this is a fantastic combo. They work together to really revitalize your eyes.

A little dab'll do ya, the jar size is deceptive- the product will actually last quite a long time. This is a cooling, soothing, hydrating gel that feels amazing. You see some results immediately, tighter and brighter undereye area and crows feet have a smoother appearance. After a few weeks of use, the results go deeper and you start to see it on a more permanent level.

I love the inclusion of vitamin c, the skin around the eyes is SOOOOOO delicate, and the C helps protect you from sun damage while also doing repair work. This works perfectly in conjunction with their fantastic Vitamin C Serum.

Product Description

ADVANCED INGREDIENTS:*5% Vitamin C is the perfect amount for the delicate eye tissue.
*The skin around the eye is very thin and more absorptive than other areas. When JOJOBA OIL is applied to this delicate skin it penetrates deeply in the inner layers, helping to restore skin's structure and moisturizing qualities. It is known as nature's wrinkle fighter.
*When applied to skin ALOE can penetrate 3 epidermal layers driving nutrients and moisture deeper in the layers of your skin. Aloe stimulates new healthy cell growth and helps heal damaged skin tissue.
*BOTANICAL HYALURONIC ACID improves the moisturizing effects of other products by increasing your cells ability to retain moisture. HA reduces visible signs of fine line and wrinkles and hydrates from the inside out.

*Cool, calming, hydrating, helps to revive tired eyes.
*Reduces visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Reduces dark circles and puffiness.
*Tones and firms sagging skin.

*Dedicated to the environment.
*100% Wind Powered.
*Facility built using eco-conscious materials and methods.
*Facilitates the planting of multiple fruit tree orchards in low-income communities and Native American Reservations around the USA.

*Enjoy our Free DIY Face-mask eBook w/ ingredients found in your kitchen.
Irritants in beauty products can cause melasma and irritation. Our Beauty Products are free of parabens, alcohol, fragrance, dye, GMO's, sulphates, petrochemicals, and phthalates (98% Natural, 72% organic), making it great on all skin types.
Money back guarantee, backed by Amazon.
La Beauté Pure: Premium Products ~ Simply the Best©

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