Monday, July 30, 2012

Come ON now!

Why would someone review a product that they haven't actually tried? I recently got a product that I'm excited to try for spider veins. I have a few near my knees that are related to my arthritis and so I wanted to give it a shot. I may not look 40 above the neck, but time does take it's toll. I looked on the page that I got it from and there was a rating of 3 out of 5, but it was only 1 reviewer. I pulled up the "review"

Review: I don't know how well it'll work for spider veins, but it smells nice, absorbs well, and isn't greasy, which is really all I can ask for in a lotion.

Um, you don't know how well it will work because you haven't used it for the 3-4 weeks that they said it takes to see results? Well then don't write a review! Grrrr! Just know that when I review a product, I've USED it, and when it's skincare I've used it for at least a month. That is all. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Free shipping and Buy two Get one free at The Body Shop

I Heart MLab & Current Bliss & Dermstore deals

What happens when world-renowned scientists are challenged to create the most effective and luxurious anti-aging products in the world? If M Lab is any indication, they rise to the occasion. Milbar Laboratories, an innovative leader in cosmeceutical development for over 25 years, set out to discover the answer. They came up with M LAB, a powerful skincare line that uses an extraordinarily higher percentage of clinically active ingredients than most anti-aging lines in order to target every visual sign of aging in a shorter amount of time. 

A must-have product of Glamour grooming editors, this toner is “like an alarm clock for your face,” as described by James Williams, Glamour associate editor. Wake yourself up and let it refresh your skin by replenishing and locking in moisture, leaving it stronger, healthier and more vibrant for the day ahead.

M LAB Anti-Aging Toner

For a more youthful look, try this multi-tasking eye cream, which moisturizes while nourishing to show visible improvements in the appearance of dark under eye circles, puffiness and deep lines and wrinkles in just a matter of a few short weeks.

Marie Claire Beauty Editor's Choice, this cream contains 68% of science's most effective anti-aging ingredients. Truly smooth and replenish your skin with this treatment for a firmer, youthful and more radiant look. 
M LAB Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

For skin that glows with health and vitality, you absolutely need UV protection against all those harmful sun rays (yes, even now that summer is coming to an end). Soothe, hydrate and protect your skin while preventing signs of aging with this powerful day treatment full of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

M LAB Anti-Aging Day Treatment SPF 15

M lab products are available at Bliss, who has the current deal
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I'm a shoe whore.....

Oh, it's TERRIBLE, I saw a pair of shoes once when I was out with my husband and I actually tried to BRIBE HIM WITH SEX to convince him to buy a pair of shoes for me that I saw. Not much of a bribe since we're married, I know, but still. That's how deep my sickness goes!

So here's the latest and greatest from my faboo fave online shoe stores.....

So the Shoe Dazzle version is only $39.95. A big difference! They're still doing buy one get one free right now too....Link to join Shoe DazzleSplurge vs. Steal: A Must-Have Spiked Heel - Shop Now

Complementary Chic - Whatever trend you're working, tie it all together with this classic heel. Shop Cameron
These classy pumps from Sole Society are poifect for my 50s style that I've been rocking lately. Link for Sole Society
Lena LavenderTho I'm pretty sure for $29.95 I might just HAVE to have these disco mamas from Shoe Privee. I LOVE that their shoes are different prices depending on the shoe and the styles offered get discounted the next month sometimes all the way down to TEN BUCKS! Link for Shoe Privee

Sarada, $39.95And then there's the one that started it all, Just Fab with these mile high wedges of death! The ankle strap is so I don't die 

Link to Just Fab who is ALSO having a buy one get one free sale......

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thru tonight- ANB Mall Summer Sizzler Sampler $20 off!

DUDE, these are awesome! I already got mine, and it's TOTALLY worth it.

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It's a deal that's just to hard to pass up. Once they're sold out... they will never be available again! If you've already purchased one of these samplers, you KNOW how good this one is! ;-)

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Here's a link to my review of last summer's Sizzler Sampler

Get Your Summer Sampler Sizzler Today and Save $80 over the Retail Value!

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Just Fab Hit Me With Their Iron Fist- and it felt like a kiss PLUS BOGO Free

Good Lord A Mighty. I am ADDICTED to the Iron Fist collection on Just Fab. Not only are these all SO incredibly unique, but they're also discounted quite a bit off of their normal retail price! I am guaranteed to be stopped by people wanting to look at my shoes or my purse when I wear/carry their stuff. If I could get one of everything, I would. I am a total dork for the skulls, zombies and demon unicorn donkeys. Luckily my co-workers are used to my sartorial choices, so it's all okey dokey for me to wear glow in the dark zombie shoes to the library! heck, I'm usually stopped as soon as I walk in the door with a "let me see what you're wearing today..." They're all really well made, too. I've gone dancing in some of these shoes with no incident, and I am TOUGH on my shoes.

and right now

The stuff in the video


Gold Digger Lingerie Set

Ruff Rider

Demon Donkey

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Lip balm edition

The Good:
Okay, yesterday I posted my may Eco Emi box, and the product that really stood out for me was this to die for lip balm. Here's what I said
"Full Size tube (.15 oz) Chocolat Lip Balm by Beeluxe. value = $3.00  Each month I get a wow product though, and this month's WOW was the lip balm. I'm not kidding, this is THE BEST LIP BALM I'VE EVER USED IN MY LIFE. No exaggeration. It's smooth, creamy, tastes FABULOUS and literally melts right into your lips. I don't honestly know that I can describe the sensation, I've never been so blown away by a lip balm." 
Beeluxe Chocolat Chocolate Lip Balm Yeah. That. Seriously, if you use lip balm, do yourself a favor and get some of this. While it is chocolate flavored, it's not a kiddie chocolate. This is a grown up, sophisticated chocolate. Like the difference between a truffle from a high end chocolate boutique and one of those waxy hollow Palmer's Easter rabbits. 

The Bad:
I never thought I'd be putting a Korres product in this category. This makes me so very very sad. But Korres Shea Butter Lip Balm just did not do it for me. It's hard and waxy and just doesn't melt into the lips at all, I can feel it sitting in what I refer to as the "waxy lip balm tectonic plate" on my mouth. You can actually feel a ring on your mouth where it doesn't apply to the wet parts of your inner lip area. Phhhbbbbt. This sat on my desk unused for so long that I finally took that as a sign and just threw it away. Oh Korres, never in a million years did I imagine.....
The UGLY: And boo howdy, is it ugly! Anagallis herbs Lip Libations is disGUSTing. Okay, the thing that sucks is that the texture is faboo, it's everything I love in a lip balm. It's creamy, melts right in and really makes your lips slick and soft. So what's the problem, you ask? IT TASTES LIKE LICKING A BUTTHOLE.
Lip Libations
Whomever chose the herbs to go into it obviously didn't TASTE them first. Eucalyptus, calendula, comfrey, witch hazel and willow bark may all be excellent for your skin, but as a taste sensation? Hurl. I wanted confirmation on how nasty it was so I made The Husband try it out. He started making gagging noises and rubbed his mouth off on his shirt. Then he told me I was a mala mujer.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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