Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Fab Hit Me With Their Iron Fist- and it felt like a kiss PLUS BOGO Free

Good Lord A Mighty. I am ADDICTED to the Iron Fist collection on Just Fab. Not only are these all SO incredibly unique, but they're also discounted quite a bit off of their normal retail price! I am guaranteed to be stopped by people wanting to look at my shoes or my purse when I wear/carry their stuff. If I could get one of everything, I would. I am a total dork for the skulls, zombies and demon unicorn donkeys. Luckily my co-workers are used to my sartorial choices, so it's all okey dokey for me to wear glow in the dark zombie shoes to the library! heck, I'm usually stopped as soon as I walk in the door with a "let me see what you're wearing today..." They're all really well made, too. I've gone dancing in some of these shoes with no incident, and I am TOUGH on my shoes.

and right now

The stuff in the video


Gold Digger Lingerie Set

Ruff Rider

Demon Donkey

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