Monday, July 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Moxie tampons. Yep, you read right. I am in LOVE with these tampons. Don't laugh. This is seriously the cutest packaging ever.
 LOOK AT THAT! It's cute tampons!!!!
They come in these little metal tins that are color coordinated to indicate flow type. On the top it says "Moxie" and these are the perfect size for teeny collectibles, bobby pins, safety pins, etc. I've been giving them to friends who smoke as an ashtray tin so they don't throw their butts on the ground. I can walk through the halls of the college to the rest room carrying this and not feel at all weird about openly carrying tampons. The metal container keeps them from getting all torn up and gross in your purse. Oh, and the tampons themselves? They're OB style (non applicator) so they're much better for the environment and they have a special "Silken Glaze' coating for smooth insertion. This is an Australian line, but I found them at my local Walgreens.

Greenbody Greenplanet Revitalizing Conditioner

I REALLY wanted to like this brand. Their whole philosophy is creating toxin free products that are safe for your body and for the environment. I REALLY wanted to like it. Well........ the conditioner left my hair extremely frizzy, which is hard to do- I have fine, flat, oily hair! Frizzy and a bit tangly. I can only IMAGINE what it does to dry or naturally frizzy hair. But it gets worse......

Greenbody Greenplanet Revitalizing Shampoo

Here's where things got really ugly. The aforementioned oily hair? This stuff dried out my scalp so badly that it was peeling off in CHUNKS. It was DISGUSTING. My head was so itchy that I felt like I had freaking bugs in it. It's pretty sad when you have such a bad experience with a $24 shampoo that use the remainder on your dog. Oh, and the dog? I had to rebathe him because it was making him itch like crazy too.

Rotten cherry on top of the sundae? The bottles mine came in don't appear to be recyclable, there's no recycle code on them. I went ahead and threw 'em in with my plastic anyway just in case, but.....

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