Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Love For The Umba Box!!!

Each box is more fabulous than the last, and the April box was no exception. And it was so nice to see The Caramel Jar in there! Those things are a special obsession of mine and I'm glad to see Nicole getting some extra exposure. That stuff is CRACK!!!! And the kitchen towel? GORGEOUS! And the way it's packaged is so ingenious I could just DIE. And my adorable little notepad now lives in my purse so I can be the person who raises my hand when someone asks "does anyone have something to write on?" Plus, it's much harder to lose your grocery list when it's not written written on the back of an Exxon receipt.

From their blog, here's the artist info:


The time has come to show you this month’s Umba box!  Subscribers received 3 awesome items this month! 
Your kitchen will be brightened with a pop of bright blue color from the gorgeous blueberry basket flour sack dish towel from Tinaproduce.   You’ll be able to scribble quick notes, grocery lists, or write sonnets and songs in the adorable note pad from Paper Lovely and while writing the next big hit you’ll be able to savor the amazing flavor of the goodies from The Caramel Jar (I want some right now!). 
Get to know the designers:
Blueberry Basket Flour Sack Dish Towel
Kristina Basgen from Tina Produce:
I love promoting sustainability by offering reusable napkins, kitchen/tea towels, totes and tees. My initial designs are inspired by farmers’ markets and aim to celebrate the abundance of year-round fresh local produce. All functional art pieces are designed, hand screen printed, and cleverly packaged in my Oakland, California home studio by me, Kristina Basgen.

 Pencil Note Letterpress Notebook
Kim from Paper Lovely
I started my career as a graphic designer in a corporate setting, but soon realized that I yearned for something more.  In 2006, I started my own graphic design studio.  Today, I am happy to be able to combine my passions for design and paper by creating little paper lovelies to bring a smile to your face.  Paper Lovely is cozily nestled in the heartland of America-in Omaha, Nebraska.  I am inspired by life’s simple, sweet pleasures and I am here to rekindle your love for written correspondence. 

Fleur de Sel Caramel
Nicole Ebbitt from the The Caramel Jar:
My self-proclaimed love affair with food led me to the creation of the best job ever, I am the “Chief Caramel Girl” of The Caramel Jar.  As a former non-profit executive turned full-time caramel maker (quite the switch I know!) now I spend my time creating creamy, homemade, hand cut and individually wrapped caramels.  I also make it a goal to be conscious about my environmental footprint by packaging with reusable canning jars and unbleached, non-toxic parchment paper. Our signature soft and chewy Fleur de Sel caramels may just tame your sweet and savory cravings! 

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