Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Gurgle gurgle.....

OHHHHHHHHH do I ever love the Pacifica Blood Orange scent. I first got a tiny tube of the lotion in a sampler and immediately fell in love. It was one of those "ah ha!" moments that keep me subscribing to samplers! As soon as I used up my little tube, I had to go ahead and get a set. When I got my kit, it only had the perfume and the lotion, now they include an extra goodie, I see. The scent is an extremely bright crisp orange that's both warm and tart at the same time. There's something very exotic yet sassy about it. I'm glad I got the rollerball, because I can just throw it in my purse for touch ups. Since it's a citrus it won't last all day, so it's good to be able to easily refresh it during the day. It's one of those rare scents that works just as well for both day and night. It's refreshing and makes me feel clean. LOVE LOVE LOVE! By the way, they're products are all plant sourced, vegan and natural, so no ooky chemicals!

And now they have this badass set that wasn't available when I got mine, and it's only $28. Poopie! Well when i use up what I have, hopefully they'll still have it.

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