Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Serum

If I was allowed to only use brand of skincare ever again, Lancome would win, hands down.

What it is:
A powerful antiaging serum. 

What it is formulated to do:
Inspired by cutting-edge science, Lancôme introduces Advanced Génifique—a serum so powerful it creates more radiant and smoother skin that you can see and feel. This innovative formula featuring Génifique’s powerful complex with added biotechnology-derived ingredient is incredible to the touch, and acts on 10 key signs of youth including texture, resiliency, elasticity, firmness, sagginess, fine lines, wrinkles, radiance, clarity, and skintone. Complete with an exclusive self-loading dropper that gives you the perfect dose of serum for each application, skin will feel refreshed, renewed, and healthy. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates 

What else you need to know:
This product comes in an advanced self-loading dropper. 

Research results:
Clinical results after 8 weeks of self-assessments on 34 women:
- Texture +57%
- Resiliency +49%
- Elasticity +50%
- Firmness +49%
- Sagginess +46%
- Fine lines +42%
- Wrinkles +46%
- Radiance +52%
- Clarity +47%
- Even skintone +42%

While pricey, this stuff is mega concentrated- a tiny bit will go a really long way. If you have oily or combination skin, this will actually replace a serum/moisturizer combo since it's quite hydrating. It diminishes fine lines, lightens dark spots, calms reactive redness, and in general is a badass mofo of a serum. When I use this at night in the winter, I go ahead and put on a night cream over it (unless I'm being lazy) and in the summer use it alone except for spot treatment. In the daytime, it provides the perfect amount of light hydration, just be sure to use a foundation with SPF! 

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate 30ml/1oz   Regularly $80, but Beauty Encounter has it on sale through the link right now for $58!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Discounted nail art bundles at Incoco through May 31

Now through Friday, May 31st, Mix & Match Discounted Nail Art Bundles At Incoco! Shop Now! No promo code needed

Now through Friday, May 31st, Mix & Match Discounted Nail Art Bundles At Incoco! Shop Now! No promo code needed

Dealfind discount code and awesome deal on accupressure mat

Go here and use the code 5OFFSTART to get $5 off your first Dealfind order. I've been wanting to try accupressure mats for a while- they have great reviews and even Dr Oz recommends them for stress, insomnia and weight loss. But at $50, I've been putting it off. Well, I kinda had to jump on this deal-
 and with the code I only paid $22 (shipping is free!) They have tons of other cool stuff, but I restrained myself :-)

  • $48
  • $21

$27 for an Acupressure Mat with Carry Bag - Tax and Shipping Included ($48 Value)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 500 Reviewer!

The most prolific produc

Whoo hoo! I was listed as one of Total Beauty's Top 500 Reviewers! I've been a huge fan of Total Beauty for some time, and if you haven't checked them out, then by all means, do so! Excellent articles, tips, and reviews and a great beauty community in general. You may even run across some of my reviews!

You can visit and my profile is at

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- Primer Edition

The Good

I was truly happy with Sephora Brand Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer. It not only rivals Smashbox Photo Finish primer, but the price can't be beat! $15 for a full sized bottle? Now granted, it's a 1/2 oz, and Photo Finish is $36 for 1 oz, so not a HUGE price difference, but still an economical buy since you only need a teeny tiny bit and it lasts forever. FAB! They have it in clear (which is what I have) and Luminous (a luminizing formula that I want to try!) Something else I really like is that it's eye safe, so you can use it as a shadow primer as well, however when using it as a shadow primer, I recommend letting it sit for a few minutes before applying shadow so that it absorbs and doesn't feel greasy. It smooths into the skin like a dream and allows for effortless foundation application. Your foundation has phenomenal staying power and you need less of it for full coverage since the primer smooths your skin. All in all a great product! 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer Perfecting 0.5 oz

The Bad- see my previous reviews of Cover FX Matteifying Primer

The Ugly-

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer SUX. For THE LIFE OF ME I don't know how this has so many good reviews. Maybe it's just my skin type, but my makeup actually seemed to last LESS time with this than without a primer! It's like my makeup just slid off into my lap within a few hours! My foundation went on looking streaky and blotchy and especially my T-Zone just would not stay matte to save my life. I hatedit so much I tossed it, so if you insist on getting some, try it first. It might work fabulously on you, but considering how expensive it is, definitely get a tester first. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dermalogica Hydrating Masque saved my dehydrated face

A refreshing, moisturizing masque to remedy dry, stressed skin. Use after cleansing to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Unique cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness. Help stimulate skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor while lycopene-rich Tomato Seed lipids help restore skin's protective barrier, enhancing moisture levels for healthier, smoother skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

Okay, so I had a killer stomach virus a few weeks ago. My temperature peaked at a little over 103! I barfed every 20 minutes for literally 14 hours, and even after that was over, it still happened periodically over the next 6 days. I was SICK! I tried to stay hydrated, but 95% of the water I drank, um, didn't stay with me very long. By the time I was feeling better, my skin looked like HELL. You know, when you're dehydrated, your body isn't all that concerned with sending moisture to your dermis, it's a little more concerned with keeping you from dying. 

Besides drinking a metric ton of water once I could, I decided to use a fast fix and pull out my Dermalogica Hydrating Masque. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I think my skin almost cried with gratitude. In the space of ten minutes I went from looking haggard, drawn and grey to looking like a very close approximation of my normal self. YAY! Now I've seen some reviews from people that didn't get the benefits that I did, but from what I can tell, they aren't using it correctly. For one thing, it really only addresses dehydrated skin- NOT plain old dry skin. Also, if you leave it on too long, it actually has the opposite effect and can make your skin drier. Follow the directions and use when your skin is stressed and needs to be rebalanced and you'll be a happy camper!

Dermalogica Cleanser, 75ml/2.5oz Skin Hydrating Masque for Women Dermalogica Cleanser, 75ml/2.5oz Skin Hydrating Masque for Women
An oil-free skin hydrating beauty mask,Instantly restores optimal moisture to dry skin,Helps reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines,Contains vitamins A, C & E to nourish & replenish skin,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My first Glossybox (June 2012) compared to Spring Fling 2013 box & DISCOUNT CODE

You can sign up for Glossybox HERE and get 20% off your subscription with the code CHIC20

My first Glossybox was the 2nd US box, with the theme Summer Simplicity. It was the June 2012 box, and boy, have they come a long way!

four deluxe samples, one full sized item and one "extra."  In my June Glossybox, I received:

1. Ahava - Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash ($22/17.0 oz)
Formulated with rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals and soothing natural moisturizers, this velvety cream wash gives an extra hydration-boost with a sweet uplifting scent.

Sample size: 3.0 oz
Sample value: $3.88

2. First Aid Beauty - Smooth Shave Cream ($16.50/6.8 oz)
Smooth Shave Cream is a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave.  Keep your legs looking smooth and sexy all summer.

Sample size: 2.0 oz
Sample value: $4.85

3. Orfa Cosmetics - Eye Shadow ICE ($14.95/0.47 oz)
Dab on this primer infused, color intense, creamy eye shadow and stand out in any crowd.  Remain beautiful for your long summer adventures.

Sample size: 0.47 oz
Sample value: $14.95

4. Vbeauté - Lite Up, Buying Time, & Eye Never ($150/1.0 oz, $135/1.7 oz, $85/0.5 oz)
Give your face the treatment it deserves with this skin care trio including face serum, cream and eye gel.

Sample size: 0.033 oz (each)
Sample Value: $13.18 (total)

5. Wella Professionals - Enrich Moisturizing Treatment ($12/5.07 oz)
Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extract that instantly restores your mane.

Sample size: 0.84 oz
Sample value: $1.99

Extra - Urban Organic from A Perfume Organic perfume sample.

Total box value: $38.85 Yes, worth more than the cost of the box, but I felt a bit let down. 

My first Glossybox was the 2nd US edition box (June 2012) and initially I decided that it wasn't worth the higher price because I got so many tiny tiny samples. Yes, the eyeshadow was full sized, but otherwise I wasn't blown away (the products themselves were good, I just expected so much more after all the build up and the sneak preview boxes they'd sent to some bloggers.) Then I regretted my decision after seeing some other people's July boxes, so I signed back up in time for the August box. Thank goodness! The August box was THE BOMB, and I have remained a faithful subscriber ever since.

You can sign up for Glossybox HERE and get 20% off your subscription with the code CHIC20

Glossybox 2013 March

The March 2013 Spring Fling box was UH-MAZING.

Elite Models - Matt Liquid Liner in Matt Brown ($15.00/.09 oz) (and yes, they spelled matte that way, not me!)Intensity, precision, and resistance brought together in one product! Waterproof and long lasting, the liner won't budge all day long. Its precise applicator allows you to adjust the thickness of the line the way you like it. The texture dries very quickly and the colors are deep and intense.

Sample size: .09 oz
Sample value: $15.00

Koh Gen Do Cosmetics - Oriental Plants Emollient Cream ($123.00/1.06 oz)
This rich, moisturizing face cream melts into skin, protecting and nourishing it from dryness.  It is a well-kept secret for fresh dewy skin that contains vitamin A and botanical extracts, which leaves your skin feeling sooth and looking radiant.

Sample size: .28 oz
Sample value: $32.49

ModelCo - Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red ($24.00/10ml)
This cheek and lip tint provides the right amount of color for a natural rosy flush, just in time for spring!  This gel formulation leaves you with "just pinched" cheeks and sexy, lightly stained lips.

Sample size: 10ml
Sample value: $24.00

Prestiche - Essential Oil Bar Soap in Green Machine ($16.99/125 g)
This bar soap is made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, which are hand selected by seasoned botanists, herbalists and cosmetic gurus.  It will soothe even those with extremely sensitive skin, as it contains rich essential oils and vitamins that work to leave skin soft, refreshed, and aromatic.

In the video I mistakenly stated that it was full sized, but they just put the regular label onto the deluxe sample- this was a little less than half full sized. 
Sample size: 54 g
Sample value: $7.34

In addition to the soap, there was also a $40 Prestiche gift certificate included in the box.  The $40 can be redeemed toward anything on their website.

Sebastian Professional - Shaper Fierce ($17.00/10.6 oz)
From unkempt bed heads to high-fashion chignons, this shaping spray provides buildable, flexible hold while maintaining a high-shine gloss - a definite must-have for keeping your fashionable 'dos in place.

Sample size: 1.5 oz
Sample value: $2.41

Total box value: $80.24 + $40 gift certificate!

So WOW! No packettes, no teeny tiny one use tubes, but full sized and deluxe sized items! I'm about to wet my pants in anticipation of their one year anniversary box!

PS. In my video review of the march box, I totally trashed Sebastian Shaper. That stuff reeks to high heaven. The smell literally makes me nauseous. Why didn't it bother me when I was a big haired punk rock teenager? Maybe the cloves killed my ability to smell anything. But believe it or not, the Shaper Fierce has, like, no scent at all practically! That stuff is awesome!

Whole lotta hairspray goin' on here! Literally the only person in the whole photo NOT wearing hairspray is my friend Merrin with his shaved head...... (I'm in the front with pink booties)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fan Di Fendi AKA Sex in A Bottle

Pear-blackcurrant Accord, Tangerine from Calabria, Pink Peppercorn from Reunion Island, Damascena Rose, Yellow Jasmine Accord, Patchouli from Indonesia, Soft Leather Accord.

Full of brash sophistication and a sex bomb attitude, this perfume makes me absolutely purrrrrr. I simply cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it- it's been a staple over the last week or so. I first got it about 6 months ago but it got shoved to the back of the shelf and forgotten about until recently. I remembered loving it, but just never got around to wearing it again and now I have to ask myself "you idiot! Why?" It's grown up rock and roll- the punkette is now a rich bitch and everybody wants her, or at least a night out (or in) with her. The leather base gives it a depth that lasts all day and into the night without the nauseating heaviness of most long lasting scents. i definitely prefer the perfume over the toilette- it's a more interesting and complex scent.  If you like deeper, sexier scents, you owe it to yourself to give this one a whirl. For the commitmentphobes- Sephora sells it in a roller ball size. 

Fendi Fan di Fendi size:0.3 oz concentration:Eau de Parfum formulation:Spray