Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fan Di Fendi AKA Sex in A Bottle

Pear-blackcurrant Accord, Tangerine from Calabria, Pink Peppercorn from Reunion Island, Damascena Rose, Yellow Jasmine Accord, Patchouli from Indonesia, Soft Leather Accord.

Full of brash sophistication and a sex bomb attitude, this perfume makes me absolutely purrrrrr. I simply cannot stop smelling myself when I wear it- it's been a staple over the last week or so. I first got it about 6 months ago but it got shoved to the back of the shelf and forgotten about until recently. I remembered loving it, but just never got around to wearing it again and now I have to ask myself "you idiot! Why?" It's grown up rock and roll- the punkette is now a rich bitch and everybody wants her, or at least a night out (or in) with her. The leather base gives it a depth that lasts all day and into the night without the nauseating heaviness of most long lasting scents. i definitely prefer the perfume over the toilette- it's a more interesting and complex scent.  If you like deeper, sexier scents, you owe it to yourself to give this one a whirl. For the commitmentphobes- Sephora sells it in a roller ball size. 

Fendi Fan di Fendi size:0.3 oz concentration:Eau de Parfum formulation:Spray

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