Monday, October 31, 2011

Take Cover!

Cover Your Hair is one stop shopping for the gal who wants to clip, band, cover, tie or accessorize her hair. When I first came across their site, I was STUNNED. The sheer breadth of their selection was amazing. This would be an excellent resource for those going through chemo- I wish I'd known about them when my stepmother was ill. You can search by style, color, categories, price.... Their clearance section is awesome, not just a few picked over remnants here and there. Thanks to them I discovered head coverings I'd not known about (the Isreali tichel, for example), as well as a super informative and interesting blog that covers all kinds of issues from how to tie a bandanna to talking about rare hair conditions.
What exactly do they carry, exactly? (this is only the women's section, there's also children and baby categories)
From their website:
 Crazy, huh?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Kid on The Block

Sample Lovers Sampler Box is a brand spankin' new sampler available on Zibbet, and features all sorts of wonderful items from crafters and artisans. Right out of the gate and already this is something impressive! This is just the first outing for them, and already tons of shops have signed up to be in the next sampler- I can't wait! You don't have to wait, though- just pop on over and get a sampler of your very own and tell 'em The Beauty Pirate sent ya! The sooner the first boxes sell out, the sooner we get to play with a whole new one- don't make me have to wait to see what surprises are in store for us :-)

Pretty Paper Princess
 Living At Night

HB Photography
 Art By Marilyn
 Inkspirational Designs

 Country Soaps
 Shop Till You Drop Now
 Chickamoo Beads
 Amantes Love
 Paperbilities 4 You
 I Heart Candy
 Di Blondi
 Country Soaps
 Creations Boutique
 Tea Sampler

I've Turned Into A Real Hussy!

No big surprises here, Farm Hussy was voted by fans of The Little Black Boxes as the number one sampler contributor of the year! Is it Head Hussy Julie's whimsical sense of humor? The truly unique product labeling and descriptions? Is it the delectable scents? The luscious, decadent products? The super bargain prices? YES! 
I am now a Hussy for life, and proud of it! The following video is just a teeny sampling of what there is available, go find your own favorites, and tell her The Beauty Pirate sent ya!

A New Z Box Is In Da Hizzouse!

So I showed you guys the Zibbet Sample ZBox, and hopefully you jumped on the ZBox bandwagon and got your own! Every box is a little bit different, so you won't necessarily get the exact same things as I did, but I assure you, dollar for dollar you will be blown away by Z Box! Only $18! For all of this? WOWZERS. New boxes go on sale on the 15th. Each month is different, so go grab your own and tell 'em The Beauty Pirate sent ya!

Mcleod Handcraft Gifts  

The Needle House 

Treasures From Nature
Nicole's Visions

ABC Birdhouses


Tiflo Gifts

Enchanted Craft

Custom Candy Creations

It's My Thing Designs

Delightful Scents

Tin Can Quilter

POP Embroidery

Thirty Two Flavors

Beading By Bawissa

BHB Kidstyle

Izzy's Place

Breath Of The Dragon

Bauble Bin

Laurie's Custom Creations

The Sketchy Easel