Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Z Box Is In Da Hizzouse!

So I showed you guys the Zibbet Sample ZBox, and hopefully you jumped on the ZBox bandwagon and got your own! Every box is a little bit different, so you won't necessarily get the exact same things as I did, but I assure you, dollar for dollar you will be blown away by Z Box! Only $18! For all of this? WOWZERS. New boxes go on sale on the 15th. Each month is different, so go grab your own and tell 'em The Beauty Pirate sent ya!

Mcleod Handcraft Gifts  

The Needle House 

Treasures From Nature
Nicole's Visions

ABC Birdhouses


Tiflo Gifts

Enchanted Craft

Custom Candy Creations

It's My Thing Designs

Delightful Scents

Tin Can Quilter

POP Embroidery

Thirty Two Flavors

Beading By Bawissa

BHB Kidstyle

Izzy's Place

Breath Of The Dragon

Bauble Bin

Laurie's Custom Creations

The Sketchy Easel


Tiflo Gifts and More TM said...

Great job! I enjoyed watching you.

Rebecca said...

Thank you very much for another lovely video review of Z Box Shops!! You are always a joy to watch!!
Can't wait to see the next one!!
~ Becky
Z Box Coordinator

Arty said...

What a great presentation. I enjoyed watching it!!

Arty Lou
Zbox contributor :)

Sunfire said...

Always fun to see your reviews! Glad you got to see my wood burning up close and personal!

The Needle House said...

What a great presentation of the Z Box. Try using your sample dishcloth as a coaster, I have mine on my desk all the time.

Thanks, Eva aka The Needle House
Z Box Contributor

Grandmother Carolyn said...

First for me - to watch the Pirate Lady open her Z-Box - what fun! Nice gifts from superb crafters/artisans. BHB Kidstyle is the maker of the handpainted T, and I would encourage you to visit her shop and see that she also makes T's for big, grown-up Pirates!!!
Now, this old Grandmother needs to get a shake on, add to the Z-box, so you can begin to use other adjectives, such as "precious" !!!! Excellent presentation!

Enchanted Craft said...

Wonderful presentation of all the great goodies! WOW!

The Beauty Pirate said...

SHUCKS! You folks are making me blush!