Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You like this? Too bad!

So for realz, why do the big companies (like Proctor & Gamble for instance) constantly introduce products that they only keep around for a season or two? The Caress Exotic Oil Infusion body washes were one of those instances where I was so impressed with a drugstore body wash that I actually went out and kept buying it. Amazing scents that smelled subtly classy, not cheap; and so moisturizing that you could skip the lotion if you wanted to. The combination oil/cream felt so soft and amazing that I would just rub my skin for way longer than would be safe to do in a prison shower. SO of COURSE despite tons of rave reviews, they discontinued it. This happens to me ALL of the time- I actually get won over by a mainstream, inexpensive product and when I go to get some more, too bad so sad. So THEN I like the product so much that I buy it at a highly inflated price off of Amazon and wind up paying boutique item prices anyway. I'd say that I'm gonna start hoarding stuff but I have a feeling my husband would divorce me or at the very least point out that I already kinda do  :-)

Now I want another bottle of this stuff so bad that I'm about to buy it from Amazon for $19 when it could originally be had for $5. Oy vey. Looking at the Amazon pages that sell it, review after review is all "OF COURSE they took it off the shelves, cause I actually liked it!" Amen, sister.

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