Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And today we have......

First thing I did was use my Ulta Skin Clearing Tool. It's stainless steel, and what you do is first steam your pores. Then you use the tool to slide over blackheads or whiteheads (I've only used it on blackheads) to remove them painlessly from the skin. There's a slight pinch, but it's a smooth swipe and doesn't hurt. Your skin in the area will be red for a few minutes, but then it calms down quite quickly. If you're in a hurry, I recommend putting an ice cube on the cleaned pore to close the it up tightly. This gadget is only eight bucks and is extremely well made, better than bigger name brands like Tweezerman, in my opinion. What cracked me up though was a review I read on this tool on another page where they complained about being instructed to clean their face afterward with alcohol. It says on the package "Clean with cotton & alcohol after using." THEY MEAN THE TOOL, YOU TOOL! NOT your face, the TOOL. Oy vey. 

Starting my clean face, I had Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer. This primer is specifically for enlarged pores and, well, lines. Works like a charm, this one does. I'm pretty startled by what a significant difference this makes. Smashbox products tend to be fairly reliable, and this one is no exception. They're good enough for Tyra, they're good enough for me! Where you really see the difference is after putting on foundation. As I've gotten older, my pores have been more pronounced, but with this they're tiny and tight. BRAVA! Also available at 
Once again I've been having a heated debate with winter frizz, and this time I used Oscar Blandi Olio de Jasmine Hair Serum as my counterpoint. This stuff has been all the rage lately, and I see why. The smell is light and feminine without taking over. All you need is a tiny droplet, so it's cost effective. It does not give a greasy, weighed down look I've had samples of this sent to me recently by Sephora, New Beauty, Birchbox, and Beauty.com- everyone is all over it. It makes your hair feel like silk and gives a gorgeous shine. It's also a great product to protect your hair from heat tools like dryers or curling irons. And it's pretty cheap, too! A small bottle will only run you about sixteen bucks, and again, a teeny bit goes a long way.
Also available at Ulta.

I've been a bit disaapointed with Bath & Body Works lately. I got the set (soap, lotion, body spray) of one of their newer scents- Forever Sunshine.

It's so cloying that I find it almost nauseating. Oddly, it smells wonderful after a few hours if you layer the scent, I just wish I could go from 60 to zero in an instant with it instead of having to open the bathroom door and the shower curtain when I use the soap so I don't barf. Seriously, it smells fabu after it's soaked in but it's not gonna win you any fans the first hour or so.

SO I started carrying around in my purse Thymes Kimono Rose lotion to replace my normal B&BW hand lotion, and this stuff is what they wish they could be. Sophisticated, elegant. It's so rich and moisturizing that your skin feels like velvet, yet it absorbs almost immediately and isn't the slightest bit greasy. SUPER SUPER SUPER! I've previously had a love affair with other Thymes products (their lavender hand soap is my go-to kitchen soap) and once agani they do not disappoint. I love you, Thymes!

Another fab Birchbox item from recently is Cargo's bronzer in medium. This is a neutral color that seems like it should work with all skin tones. It's sheer, so it only adds tint; you don't have to worry about your skin merely looking dirty like some bronzers do. It adds an effervescent glow that even on my pale skin simply imparts a jewel like shimmer instead of dark smudges of color. i take a tapped off brush of it and sweep it on the outer edges of my face to add an eye catching highlight then use it on the apples of my cheeks with a slightly heavier application as a blush. It's so smooth and effortless! Truly a silky smooth powder that leaves no streaks or overloaded spots. And apparently almost everything I'm using today is available at Ulta.

normally I'm a hearty supporter of Stila shadow, but I'm disappointed in the Mineral Matte shadow in Kalahoo.  It's a lovely rich minky color, but for some reason this particular one has tremendous fallout. Seems like I got more on my cheeks than my lids. Phhhhhbbbbbbttttttt. boo. It doesn't blend well and smells kinda weird. Supposedly it also only has a shelf life of 6 months. SIX MONTHS? I'd have to wear it every day! Don't waste your hard earned money.

A much better mineral shadow is Purus Cosmetics Shaliner, which I've reviewed previously

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