Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AirBareXercises ABX Yoga Towel Keeps you (or at least me) from breaking your neck!

This is easily the best yoga towel I've ever used. The towel itself is a really soft and absorbent microfiber that wicks away moisture and doesn't get soggy. unlike most yoga towels, this one doesn't need to be moistened to stick to your mat. It's got a great little corner pocket, perfect for stashing your keys. The best part? Those crazy little nubs on the bottom. They hold on to your mat tight, allowing you to go deeper and further without worrying about losing your footing. Yoga is the one type of exercise I can do right now, so having something to make it easier and safer amps up what I get out of my workout. 

  • Designed by Yoga Teachers with 40 Years of Experience. This Towel is Built to Last You a Lifetime. Will Not Shrink, Can be Machine Washed Over and Over. If a Yoga Towel Does Not Have The Grip Dots On The Bottom Then It Is NOT Non-Slip! Your Friends Will Envy the Convenient Pocket on Your ABX Yoga Towel. Why? Because Anyone Who Links Their Movement to Their Yogic Breathing (Like Pranayama or Ujjai) Knows How Often a Tissue is Needed!
  • EVERYONE who purchases our mat towel gets FREE Unlimited internet access to our 60 Minute Intermediate Level, Astanga based Vinyasa Yoga Class "An Introduction to Arm Balances"! See the ABX Yoga Mat Towel Perform as Advertised.
  • This Towel Fits All Standard Size Mats and Provides A More Secure Grip for Hands and Feet Than Yogitoes for At Least $20 Less. However, This Mat Still is All About Quality, Which is Why The ABX Towel Costs a Little More Than The Towels Without Grip Dots or Lower Quality Towels.
  • Comes with MESH CARRYING BAG - Included FREE With Your Purchase. Makes For Easy, Light Weight, Storage and Transport.

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