Sunday, April 5, 2015

The BEST Sleep Mask I Have Ever Used

I am a grade A insomniac and under most circumstances I find it nearly impossible to fall asleep if there's even the teeniest bit of light. If I'm without a sleep mask, I will put clothing, sheets, cats on my face to block out the light. For the most part though, I try to stick with a sleep mask, and I have used them nightly for probably 20 years. In that time, I have used a LOT of different sleep masks, and i have to say, this one has BLOWN MY MIND. I don't know that any other style will ever be able to satisfy me. No joke, this thing is amazing. It blocks out every iota of light by conforming to your face. You might think it would feel restrictive or smothering, but no; it's incredibly light and soft. My problem now is that it works SO well that I have to make sure that alarm is set- no more waking up because the neighborhood is starting to rise. This would be incredible for people who have to sleep during the day. I'm for sure taking this on my next hospital stay. I honestly can't recommend it enough!
Bonus 1: It's comes with earplugs and a travel/storage bag!
Bonus 2: you look like a super hero when you wear it :-)

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