Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Firstchefpro Dual Julienne Vegetable Peeler Video Review

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  • JULIENNE LIKE A PRO with ultra sharp stainless steel blades. You too can produce zucchini noodles, julienne vegetables with just one tool. Simply run the julienne peeler along the vegetable to create results that any professional chef would be proud of.
  • GREAT FUN WAY to get your children eating colourful veg that they will love. This simple julienne veggie peeler can help you create amazing dishes to appeal to adults and children alike. Isn't it funny how a small thing like cutting veggies in such a way can make eating healthier food FUN!
  • SPEEDY VEGGIE PEELING saves you prep time with very little waste. The pivoting heads of this julienne & vegetable peeler allow it to be used at many angles so you're not stuck just using it at one specific angle like many peelers. Peeling vegetables even butternut squash & kiwi fruit just got a whole lot quicker
  • VERSATILE,use as a slicer, cutter, grater, julienne tool, peeler & potato eye remover too. It's just perfect as an apple peeler and just great for slicing or grating parmesan cheese, grates chocolate too. You can also use the potato eye remover to create imaginative garnishes with everything from radishes to limes! Why use multiple kitchen tools when this one will do it all!

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