Friday, April 17, 2015

Discount Code For Your Own Very Healthy Veggie Spiral Slicer

Use code 3LBTRJLM to get a 35% Off the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer. The code is good between now until Mother's Day, May 10th

Here are some Quick Tips to help you get the best out of your Very Healthy Spiral Slicer:

For Picking Vegetables:
- For the best spiralizing experience, pick vegetables that are 1 1⁄2 to 1 3⁄4 inches thick.
- Try to pick the most ripe/mature vegetables, so that they are softer.
- Try using straight vegetables with minimum bumps and bends, for best results.

For Picking Blade Size:
- For very soft and moist vegetables like cucumbers, we recommend using the side with the large cut blades.
- For very firm veggies like carrots, use the small size blades for the best results.

For Spiralizing:
- Try to apply even pressure and speed on the vegetables when twisting.
- If you feel a blockage, do not force, try to unblock with the flexible brush provided.
- Almost every time there will be a pencil-sized core remaining after the veggie is spiralized, so that the seeds are stopped from ending up on your plate.
- At the end of the spiralizing, there will be a little cone of leftover veggie which you can slice with a knife. This happens for safety reasons.

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