Tuesday, April 7, 2015

If You Use Essential Oils, You Need To Check These Out

I've been using essential oils for a really long time for a number of things (Google uses and you'll be amazed!) and normally essential oils are super expensive - I had always bought them at Whole Foods or specialty health food stores. This is a 4oz bottle that will last forever and costs the same as a 1 or 2 oz bottle at brick and mortar stores. This oil is fresh, pure and has amazing scent. I used this to make scent tarts giving new life to leftover wax and after putting them in my tart burner,the scent subtly and perfectly filled my room for days. I'm never overpaying for essential oils again!

 The lavender is a such a real, pure clean lavender scent and a few drops of this in the bedroom created a soothing, relaxing space. A few drops in a bath makes for super sweet dreams :-)

The Peppermint gives an awesome wake up call when I'm groggy, a little of this in the bathroom not only freshens things up but wakes me up at the same time. Who needs coffee?

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