Tuesday, April 7, 2015

InstaNaturals Scar Gel

#review #ScarGel

I've loved everything I've tried by this company, but this was of particularly special use to me. I had MAJOR foot surgery back in November, that resulted in a foot that looks like Frankenstein's monster. I would show before and after pictures, but TRUST me, I don't think you want to see- it's pretty scary. This natural blend of epidermal growth factors has not only made the scarring become soft and smooth, but the itching has FINALLY STOPPED! The really large scar is still pretty red, but the smaller scars are fading in color. They're also starting to flatten out and not look like creepy red worms on my foot! TMI? Well, it's all to let you understand how much it means to me that stuff works. It's also a good size and doesn't require a lot, so it'll last you a good long time. It's in an airsealed pump, so no worries about bacteria and contaminants is a bonus.

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