Wednesday, April 15, 2015

100% Organic B.I.G. Beard Balm Review + Giveaway

This is going to be written by the holder of the facial hair. The floor is yours, sir.

This is the first balm I've used that was made specifically for beards, and it definitely surpasses the hair products I've used on my beard in the past. I don't usually do any fancy moustache twirlin', but I tried it out with this stuff, and it works like a charm. I'll mainly use it to smooth down rogue moustache hairs so I'm not too prickly for the missus. Also, the vanilla smell is quite pleasant. Shazam!

So, it's me again, and YES. He can smooch on me without jabbing me in the nostrils! Huzzah! I LOVE his furry face, but any ladies out there with furmen know what I'm talking about. It also smells fantastic, like a woody vanilla. It's a nostalgic, manly smell for me and that only makes ME like it more too!

While I did receive this for review purposes, I did not hold a gun to my man's head to leave a good review and my opinions expressed are mine own!

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