Tuesday, April 14, 2015

HealthyCell- phytonutrient, vitamin and mineral blend plus DISCOUNT coupon

I take about 5 gazillion supplements a day, and keeping track of them all is difficult. Well lo and behold I get these magic shots that have everything I need in one convenient place. We've got energy, memory, focus, relaxation, better sleep, active enzymes, healthy innards- the whole shebang. Looking at the ingredient list, I see things that help with everything from eyesight to liver function. These truly have it all.
Cell Regulation Complex
Free Radical Scavenger Complex
DNA Repair Complex
Stem Cell Maintenance Complex
Telomere Maintenance Complex
Calorie Restriction Complex
Digestion/Absorption Enhancers

The pack is divided into morning and evening, you take 2 of each per day. Considering I've been trying to remember to take 5 times that many supplements a day for the same (or possibly lesser) results, it's pretty amazing. I appreciate that this is a reputable company with extensive research having gone into these, not a lot of fillers from some fly by nighters.

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