Friday, April 24, 2015

Francois & Mimi - my favorite brand of Bed Bath & Beyond for agoraphobics!

Yes, I got these for free to review, but I am insane for them, INSANE! All their stuff is so high quality and just plain beautiful! And let's face it, their name is fabu :-) I would buy these regardless.

Bento Box With Lunch Sack

My ex husband kept my extremely expensive bento box and man, was I po'd. Well lo and behold, I replaced it with this one that's 500 times better! It's a traditional bento box on steroids. You have three separate compartments to keep food from intermingling and it comes with well fitting lids to help with both freshness and leaks. It also keeps your workmates from killing you if you bring fish
:-) Unlike my old one, the tubs are microwaveable. It has a full set of cutlery that fits perfectly in the lid AND it comes with an insulated lunch bag to keep it all together and make transporting it easy as well as keeping your food cold and preventing leaks! Bonus? It's way more inexpensive than many lesser models on the market.

I love this breadbox. It's good and sturdy and the brushed steel and design gives it a definitive art deco look that's super stylish. The Mister pointed out that the reason he loves it is because unlike our old bread box, this one's lid open in a way that it doesn't snag or get stuck on the stuff inside. Another awesome product from them, as usual.



Talk about useful! These things, like everything else I've gotten from Francois et Mimi, are sturdy and well made and of a very high visual quality as well. From a design standpoint they're very tasteful but they're hardy enough to withstand daily use. Also excellent for getting a big ol mug of hot chocolate on.  Lead free and microwaveable, these have become a daily addition to our kitchen.


I can't believe something this high quality is so inexpensive! I saw a similar set at Target that I lusted after but just could not fork over the $40. And I think that was only a set of 4. Ice cream is only the beginning. they're perfect for soup, small salads, cereal, oatmeal....  They're just the right size to keep your eyes from being bigger than your stomach. They're microwaveable, which I have done multiple times with no problems (use common sense- they will be warm; ceramic conducts heat.) They look so cheerful and pretty, even stacked in the cabinet. I loved that they had cardboard inserts between each piece in the package to keep them safe and sound (despite USPS's best efforts LOL) Such a bright spot in every meal.


This thing is truly stunning, for sure. You do have to be careful with it being glass; since it's a large size you need to be a little daintier using since it's just plain a larger amount of hot coffee. One star off for the nonexistent padding, my first one came broken. The company's customer service is fantastic though, they had a new one at my doorstep (VERY well padded! LOL) within literally days. I imagine this is something that will addressed. Not only does french press coffee TASTE better but it presents well for guests. We both came into this relationship with french presses, but they were all those teeny ones that barely make enough for 2 mugs worth- not the greatest way to keep guests or rabid coffee drinkers happy. Papi is HUGE and makes the perfect amount! (Yes, I did nickname it.)

These water bottles are FANTASTIC!!!!!!

A Set of 2 20-Ounce Double Wall Bottles for the cost of one, normally

I can put a cold drink in before my 1 and 1/2 commute to work and it will still be cold. If you put ice in it, it will last for hours more. If I put chilled water in it and take it with me into the bookstore at the library, after 4 hours it will no longer be COLD but it's still below room temperature. They're super sturdy and are a breeze to clean with one exception, the straw. With the built in straw, if you use anything but water- clean IMMEDIATELY. I'd recommend including a straw brush with the bottle. And don't be an idiot and put orange juice in it. YOINKS! It's metal, honey. 

The Mister is now in love with these travel coffee mugs. First of all just like the water bottles, you get two for the price of one. The quality is second to none and I think the extended handle is pretty snazzy looking. You can actually hook it over stuff or shove it in your pocket if you need a free hand. The best part, the stopper lid is leakproof so you can use it as an impromptu drink shaker without the fear of flying protein shake in your hair!

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation
Cool-to-the-touch Exterior
Leak-proof Stopper
Comfort Handles


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