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Natural And Organic Beauty Always Makes Me Happy! AnneMarie Borlind, Organic Indulgences, Brigit True Organics, Pangea, Journey's Mother and Glam Nation

Sadly, Green Grab Bag isn't around anymore, but Eco Emi is still going strong and is a fantastic way to discover new natural and organic products! If you check them out let 'em know that The Beauty Pirate sent ya! CRAP! WTH? OK, I see Eco Emi (after YEARS of fantabulousness) is shuttering as well! DAMN! So who's going to give us a sampler of natural beauty? Do any of you have suggestions?

Do note that many of these products can be found at Whole Foods! 

Annemarie Borlind Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid

Naturesôme Nature Effect Fluid
Everything you need in a serum! Vitamin C, ceramides, vitamin E........ Ahhhhhhh. It leaves your skin velvety soft and really boosts the performance of your moisturizer without being heavy or making your skin greasy. This brand is quite the heavy hitter in Germany. 

Yummy Chocolate mint flavored balm keeps lips lusciously soft and kissably smooth with a blend of all natural ingredients. 
Full Size: 1 lip balm ($2.95)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 lip balm ($2.95)
From past reviews I've noticed a lot of the natural/organic subscription services love giving out lip balm. But I guess I don't mind, I always love trying new lip products. Organic Indulgences is a cruelty-free company that boasts a line of all natural, affordable products. The lip butter is formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower oil and organic beeswax. The smell and flavor greatly reminds me of Thin Mints. Which means I really like it. It is buttery and soft on my lips and adds a hint of mint. The chocolate flavor is not intense. If I saw these in the store and ran out of my lip balm I'd rebuy.

This healing herbal salve combats everything from bites to burns.
Full Size: 0.15 oz ($4.20)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.15 oz ($4.20)
Brigit True Organics is a company based out of Charlottesville, Virginia that uses natural and organic ingredients that have herbal, healing power. This is a salve that is formulated mainly of olive oil and organic beeswax. Salves can be used any wounds or irritant to help moisturize and heal. I've received a lot of salves the past few months. I've been using Smith's Rosebud Salve and Climb On! Repair Bar that I received from Beauty Box 5 and Conscious Box respectively. I love my Rosebud Salve to pieces but I'm open to trying new ones. I especially like that this is a stick so I don't have to get my hands all messy. I've used this on burns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, ad infinitum. 
Brigit True Organics- Magic Stick, 0.15 oz. (99.5% ORGANIC)

Polish your skin this award-winning scrub that is gentle enough for daily use.
Full Size: 3.8 oz ($32.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($9.14)
A familiar brand. I've gotten to try out a few Pangea products in my Birchboxes over the months. This scrub contains Egyptian Geranium oil to help tone skin, cranberry seed enzymes that dissolve away dead skin cells, and ground adzuki beans to gently exfoliate. It smells like cranberries and blood orange which is quite yummy.  I loved it! It didn't leave my skin tight, but my skin felt clean and fresh! This may be a new contender.Oh, and did I mention the plantable packing? It grows into Italian Sweet Basil! 

The natural alternative to liquid lotion, these little pellets melt with skin's heat for major moisturizing.
Full Size: 1 bag of 43 pellets ($10.00)
Size Received: 1 pellet ($0.23)
These lotion pellets are solid bar style lotion that melt in your hand while you use them. They are meant to take out the mess of liquid lotion and were developed by a mom and daughter duo. I have to say I don't see how liquid lotion is messy? This lotion pellet just needs to be warmed up in your hand for a few seconds and then they are ready to use. It reminds me more of a solid salve than lotion. I couldn't see using this on my legs, but more so on dry feet or cuts. One pellet probably would last a week. I've always liked the concept of solid lotions more than the actual execution. They're fine for small areas but really don't float my boat for allover use. These are basically shea butter which I prefer either whipped or as an ingredient. 

This organic cleanser can tackle even the most stubborn mascara.
Full Size: 2.0 oz ($29.99)
Size Received: 0.1 oz?? ($1.50)
An organic eye makeup remover that effectively removes all traces of makeup without harming or roughing up your skin. This revolutionary product is made from emollient herbs, organic oils and other wild-crafted ingredients which have deep cleansing properties while at the same time delivering a soothing effect on the delicate skin around your eyes. In addition to being an efficient makeup remover, this lightly aromatic formula also helps to reduce under dark circles and to soften fine lines, while removing impurities from your skin. How’s that for a wonder product?

Organic Eye Makeup Remover

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