Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Number One Nutrition Thyroid Support

I'm pretty sure I must have something wrong with my thyroid but since I lost my insurance, I can't afford any more testing and doctor's trips than are necessary for the stuff I already know about, like the tumors (you might have seen my GoFundMe at the top of my page that my darling wonderful Stacy started for me). So, I thought I'd give these a shot and see if they helped and by gum, they do!

These have worked wonders for me! After a few weeks I noticed a huge difference. I'm more focused, I'm not falling asleep at the drop of a hat, my actual sleep is better. I've lost my sluggishness I feel literally lighter, I was telling my Sasquatch a few nights ago how I felt almost like I'd been weighted down and suddenly the weight was removed. He too has noticed a difference in me. My energy levels are higher and I feel all around more comfortable in my skin.

Number One Nutrition Thyroid Support, 60 count

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