Thursday, July 9, 2015

You can get a nice glow without being Snookified - Glow2Go

#1 Bestseller 50% Sale! 20 Self Tan Towelettes | Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Half Body Wipes | Application Towels

  I am super duper pale, so using any type of tanning product makes me VERY nervous. What works on Snooki does NOT work on me. I like that each towelette is half body sized because I wanted to originally just try it out on my legs in case it came out with me looking like an Oompah Loompah and that way I wouldn't be wasting a full towelette. This way you can also do an extra layer on just one part of your body for a darker look and again not be wasting any. It goes on clear so I was understandably nervous about what to expect, I didn't see anything for a few hours and then suddenly I looked and saw that my legs were no longer bone white but instead had a nice, even glow. Nothing insanely drastic, so you can reapply until you get the exact results that you want. For me, I'm happy with the healthy glow!

I washed my hands immediately afterwards and didn't have any staining and it came out streak free.

While I thought they worked great, my Sasquatch wants me the color of milk so these won't be a regular thing for me. It was fun while it lasted though! (About a week) 

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