Sunday, July 26, 2015


I normally have fantastic experiences working with companies who have products that they want reviewed. I get to try a whole lot of cool stuff and they get my opinion- it's a win win. And THEN there's the companies that don't follow through on their end of the deal after getting you all excited! Phhhhhbt!

I REALLY needed a new shower bench since my next surgery will be on my spine- my current one has a back on it which I won't be able to use with my spine all chopped into. So I was thrilled that I was going to get a bench style to try! So I waited, and I waited........ and I emailed, and I emailed........

SO it's not like I'm out anything, but it's too bad that the lack of follow through always seems to be on the stuff I could most use.


Or this face paint kit- I actually USE these, I could have really tested this out! But again, all talk, no follow through. Sometimes I think that when I let companies know that I have experience with products like theirs they get nervous thinking that their product is crap and I'll know the difference?

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