Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trust me, bunion surgery SUCKS. Dr. Frederick's Spacers are the way to go

Use this to avoid THAT!
Do you want THIS?

These are fantastic! I've actually already had surgery on one of my feet and it went so fantastically awry (I actually had problems arise FROM the surgery that I have to have another surgery to correct!) Originally I was going to have surgery on the other foot as well, but now I'm like "HECK NO!" Thankfully I got these and they have made a WORLD of difference. The different styles work for whatever activity you're planning, depending on what type of support you need. They're comfortable and really provide a ton of support and decrease the pain, especially when you have to be on your feet a lot. It's like yoga for your toes! Nobody likes to admit they have bunions, but it happens to the best of us, especially us girlies who like to torture our feet with high heels. Stave off the surgery for a while and invest in some of these instead. You'll thank me later.

Dr. Frederick's Original 8 Piece Bunion Pad & Spacer Kit - Toe Separators for Active People - One Size Fits All Bunions Treatment - Soft Gel Toe Spacer - Toe Straightener - Bunion Relief - 4 Pairs of Bunion Cushions - Delay Bunion Surgery - Wear with Shoes

In the kit, we've included 4 pairs of bunion cushions. Each of these cushions is designed for different activities or shoes. The spacers always go between your big toe and second toe.

Standard Shield Spacer This is our every day bunion pad that is usually worn with shoes. Slide the loop around your big toe, align the shield to your bunion, and off you go!

Standard Spacer This is our every day bunion spacer. It helps realign the big toe when you don't want a bulky shield on your foot. You can wear it with or without shoes. Remember, it goes on you second toe.

Sport Shield Spacer This bunion shield and spacer is designed for sporty activities. There are two stretchy loops that go around your big toe and second toe. This helps prevent rotation of the shield spacer while you're doing things like running, bowling, or playing golf.

Sport Spacer Just like our Sport Shield Spacer, our Standard Spacer is designed with active people in mind. Put the loops around your big toe and second toe to stabilize the spacer in the right position. You can wear these with our without shoes. Just make sure you have fun while you're wearing them!

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