Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sampling Some Nummies! Gourmet Treats For Your Taste Buds

Samplrs was short lived as it became the Fancy Food Box, but these products are all available to order online and are worth it (for the most part)

The contents of the box with the retail value:  

4 oz. jar of S'mores Pie by Pie Corps (jar is reusable). Value = $6.00 (guess based on a pie for two listed on their website that is $12)This was very good but VERY rich.  The chocolate was super thick and yummy.  The graham cracker crust was delicious.  There was a marshmallow top but it melted a little in the heat from shipping. I ate this with GUSTO!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! 

Tin of Pop Karma Barbecue Popcorn (tin is reusable!). Value = $7.00 (guess based on the store prices listed on the website.  side note this place was funded by Kickstarter how cool is that? - This was ok.  It was stale since the tin I guess wasn't airtight. I'm hoping they've remedied that problem now that they've been around a little longer. I ADORE interesting popcorn flavors and the taste was great. 

2.5 oz. jar of Wild Strawberry Hard Candy by Brooklyn Hard Candy. Value = $8.00 - very good tasty little strawberry candy. Tasted like a true deep strawberry taste, unlike most mass market candy. I kept this on my desk at work until I realized all of my coworkers were sneaking pieces! I normally share, but I got pretty territorial about these! 

5 oz. bottle of Jalapeno Pineapple Hot Sauce by Heartbreaking Dawns. Value = $6.99
Damn! This was so good that after we polished off the bottle I got in the box, I bought another one. I REALLY need to try their other sauces. This was amazing on chicken, pork, veggies, scallops..... I just bought a 20 pound bag of couscous and I'm thinking I need to get some MORE so I can add it to some of my couscous sauces. Heyyyyyyy, Heartbreaking Dawns, wanna hook a blogger up? I'll give you your own solo review..... ;-) 

3 Cinnamon & Spice Cookies from Krumville Bake Shop. Value = $6.50 - You could definitely taste the spice on the finish of the cookie which I love- so many cookies are overly sweet and these were much more flavorful. I got pretty drooly on these :-) i can be pretty skeptical about gluten free baked goods, but they know what they are doing! DELISH!!!!!! 

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