Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Easy Press Clippers work for Mr Gnarly Toes AND My Dainty Girl Fingers

Best Nail Clipper - Large And Sharp For Cutting Both Fingernails And Toenails, Long Lasting Durable Non Rust Stainless Steel With Precision Grip. Ideal Clippers For Men, Women, And Seniors
Most heavy duty nail clippers can also be a pain to use. I have arthritis in my hands and some of them you have to exert so much pressure that it just winds up hurting my hands and the nail only gets a dent, not a cut. These exert a fantastic amount of pressure, so that even when Mr Thick Nasty Toenails used them, they cut like butter. I suppose it's because they're actually super sharp. Another complaint I have about most heavy duty clippers is that they're just OVERKILL for trimming fingernails, but these did a fantastic job of evening out my nails without leaving jagged or sharp edges. These truly are all purpose. Being stainless steel, we can leave them on the bathroom counter without worrying about them rusting and BONUS! they come with a lifetime guarantee! How cool is that?

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