Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sometimes there's a down side....

I get a lot of products sent to me to review which is usually pretty cool. I'm not obligated to actually LIKE the product, just give my opinion. Unfortunately, I'm also often at the mercy of third party websites to match me up with sellers and I have to maintain a verification rating to show sellers that I'm reliable and they want to work with me. Well if there's a problem, often the third party doesn't respond promptly and I'm left holding the bag. For instance; say a company tells them that they sent a product to me but they didn't actually send it. If I don't verify that I wrote a review, then my score of reliability goes down, but I can't review an invisible product, can I? So what's a gal to do? Well, in this case, here ya go- 2 products that I CAN'T review for you. Their loss.

First there was a Biorhythms Calculator which came with a giveaway to give 3 of you guys your own. In this case my laptop REFUSED to load the program. I messaged the company with no response. I them messaged ******* (3rd party) and they said they'd remove me from the list so I wasn't penalized. Guess what? Still there. Yep. Even when I messaged them back and told them that they hadn't actually removed me. So Ladeeda. I have to review it by today but I have nohing to review- so this is my official non-review.

2nd product is a set of silicone hot pads that I would have LOVED to check out; I do love my kitchen toys! In this case, the company marked that they had shipped them to me but actually hadn't. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was an oversight; however when I contacted ******* they told me that it didn't matter if I had no product, they had no evidence that I had chased after the company to get the product so they weren't going to remove me from the list. so again; Boom. Here's my non-review.

I have ethics and I REFUSE to write a "review" of a product I haven't tried. I try to give MY opinion honestly and informatively. So while that may make me unpopular with companies that want me to write fake reviews for products I haven't even received, I prefer to maintain my integrity with my audience.

Carry on!

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