Thursday, July 30, 2015

THREE, count 'em THREE awesome new giveaways! Car Organizer, Scar Elimination Kit AND a Milk Frother!

Age Defying
Elimiscar Derma roller and Vitamin C serum work together to revitalize tone and texture and restore skin's youthful appearance while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring skin's texture.  The combined action of this pair is designed to help protect against environmental damage while helping target, repair and defy aging.

Clear Skin
Reveal clear, radiant skin with the Clear Skin Kit from Elimiscar. Visibly transform skin clarity and reduce the appearance of acne scars with Elimiscar Dermaroller and Vitamin C Serum. This kit dramatically transforms skin with a cutting-edge blend of peptides and antioxidants that provides complete protection by repairing and strengthening skin cells and their functions.

Kit includes:1 x Elimiscar Dermaroller – This derma roller guarantees premium quality. It can last longer than other derma roller brands and high-grade medical type needles will not easily get blunt no matter how rough or ragged the skin surface.

1 x Vitamin C Serum –   absorbs quickly and can be used for daily moisture, as a skin treatment or whenever dull tired skin needs refreshing. High in antioxidants vital for cell regeneration, this potent serum revitalizes and provides anti-aging protection.
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  • RENOVATED TO BE THE BEST! Bru Joy Milk Frother Generation 2 is THE BEST HANDHELD, STEAM-FREE, BATTERY-OPERATED COFFEE FOAM MAKER. This stylish, all stainless steel "magic" wand is powerful enough to create delicate foams in seconds for homemade cappuccinos, lattes, or hot chocolates, yet small enough to be brought along
    BUILT IN WITH THE MOST POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE MOTOR. Its unique 19,000 RPM Multi-Speed Motor allows you to easily adjust the spinning speed to your desired level, which means you can get your yummy foamy milk much more quickly and easily than ever.
    BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. Every purchase of our Bru Joy Milk Frother Generation 2 is backed by Amazon's no-questions-asked-30-days-money-back guarantee, PLUS 3 years free replacement warranty against factory defectives.
    EASY TO USE. Simply toggle the black side button to turn it on, you then could keep rolling the button till the rod spins at a speed your prefer. Hold the stainless steel spiral head just below your milk/drink level, then move up and down, left and right to keep froth building. The stainless steel handle is of just-right thickness and gives you a comfortable grip. When it's time to replace the batteries, a black ridged cover slides off to reveal the battery chamber. (It's important to use alkaline batteries with the Bru Joy milk frother.)
    ELEGANT & STYLISH. Bru Joy Milk Frother Generation 2 is made of top quality, solid 18/10 stainless steel from head to toe (stainless steel shaft, stainless steel rod and stainless steel spiral head). Once in hand, you will feel the difference and know it's a timeless piece of craftsmanship that will last you a couple of years. It is beautifully packed into a sealed box for better protection & prettier presentation. It will be the most-wished gift for all the coffee lovers on any occasions, such as weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, Mother's or Father's Days, thanksgivings and of course, the Christmas!

Bru Joy Milk Frother Generation 2, The Best Handheld, Battery-Operated Coffee Foam Maker, Is Now Only One Click Away!Want To Enjoy Gourmet Cappuccino, Latte & Hot Chocolates Anytime Anywhere? Wish You Could Adjust Your Milk Frother's Spinning Speed?Bru Joy's Milk Frother Gen 2 is the answer. Actually frothing has never been easier with the help of this stylish and powerful battery operated handheld coffee foam maker!
Imagine, every morning, in pajamas, you dip your Bru Joy Milk Frother Gen 2 into a cup of milk,turn it on and toggle the button to adjust its spinning speed. Just a few seconds later, your milk turns into a rich, delicious, fluffy foam, that transports you mentally to the best cafe in town while you enjoy your homemade cappuccinos and lattes!
Better Than Better, Bru Joy Milk Frother Gen 2 Is:
More Powerful: Its 19000 RPM Motor creates fluffy, rich foam in as little as 20 seconds!
More Flexible: The unique side toggle button lets you adjust its spinning speed as quickly or slowly as you like.
Easier To Clean: Put the spiral and the front portion of the rod under hot running tap water and let the frother run for a few seconds then wipe dry.
More Traveler-friendly: Sealed in a slim compact package, it's better protected and easier to be brought along.

Made of top grade 18/10 stainless steel from head to toeDetailed user manual enclosedUses 2 x AA batteries (Not Included)

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Whether you are traveling for work, heading off on a vacation or just trying to get through a busy day of errands with your kids, you need to have a variety of items right on hand in your car. From snacks to drinks to pens to toys for your children, all of those essentials can quickly create clutter in the backseat of your vehicle. There are many ways of getting organized in your vehicle, but how can you do so without cutting down on legroom or seating space in your car? Our LUXURY BACKSEAT ORGANIZER is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs.
The LUXURY BACKSEAT ORGANIZER is uniquely designed to neatly store all types of items. It can be hung on the back of virtually all front seats and rests flat against the back seat. As a result, it will be close to the hands of kids who are buckled into car seats in the back and make it easy for you and them to access anything in seconds. Don't crawl around on the floor of the backseat looking for that item that you need.
•get a multitude of storage solutions all in one smart design.
•4 loops for pens, pencils, and glasses
•2 mesh pockets forwater bottles, baby bottles and soda cans.
•Large and small mesh pockets for your smartphone, ipad, snacks, books and toys
•1 pouch pocket with a fold-over flap for keeping items like medications out of the sunlight.
•stylish and durable to last years through, road trips and short car rides
Accommodate all your family's needs:
ADULTS-files, adapters, notebooks, cosmetics.
PETS- food, toys, and drinks
KIDS-toys, crayons, games, books, snacks and CDs/DVDs.
BABIES- bottle, pacifier, diapers, wipes and tissues
No matter what you need to keep with you on the go, this LUXURY BACKSEAT ORGANIZER has a place to put it.• ENJOY YOUR CLEAN AND CLUTTER FREE CAR •

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