Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If I don't have my sleep mask, I don't sleep!

I have been using sleep masks for as long as I can remember- the tiniest bit of light wakes me up. I've used really expensive ones and really cheap ones and have noticed that the small things can make a difference. This one does a pretty good job at blocking out the light; If your eyes are closed you won't sense any light at all, you can only see the barest hint of it if it's daytime and you open your eyes. It's an extremely soft satiny material that's comfortable and doesn't weigh down on your face- masks that fit TOO tightly cause my skin to break out sometimes. Even in the summer heat, this one is light and doesn't make me sweaty.

I took off one star because the elastic bands are the type that in my experience will wear out and lose their stretch over time and you'll have to tie them in a knot to keep it on your face. This is not a huge deal since this is an incredibly affordable sleep mask that does an overall good job of blocking out the light and keeping you comfortable. I do wear them every night so they see a lot of use. If you only use one occasionally you probably won't have that issue. For Pete's sake, I actually realized just a few hours ago that I had this on top of my head all day because I pushed it up when I woke up and never took it off. So yeah, I'm pretty hard on sleep masks :-) 

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