Saturday, July 11, 2015

Snore Cones 2.0 Kick The Old Snore Cones BUTT!

AMAZING STOP SNORING BUNDLE: NEW Comfort Fit Anti Snoring Jaw Strap By Snoring Solutions + Snore Cones - Nasal Dilators + FREE BONUS: SNORE GUIDE: 7 Steps to help you stop Snoring!

Unfortunately I couldn't really use the strap because I'm a hot sleeper and having it on my face made my chin all sweaty so I can't really give it a good trial until it's no longer July in Texas :-)

The cones are another story. my ex husband tried to use cones and they were completely useless. They were the hard plastic kind and they only came in one size so they fell out within a few hours every night. He also complained about them being very uncomfortable. I still had to go and sleep in the guest room many a night to be able to escape the chainsaw. These cones are a whole new animal. They're a soft silicone that causes no discomfort (they DO still take some time to get used to, like shoving ANYTHING up your nose would!) and I love that they come in different sizes so I I could find one actually small enough for my teeny nose! i felt like i was breathing like a new person, I was amazed at how open my nasal passages felt. The little band holding them together keeps them from getting separated and it even comes with a case to keep them sanitary and convenient. There's a size for everybody, no matter what your nose size, since we all know that 'one size fits all' is a joke.

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