Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WOWZERS! I have found a latex free makeup blender that is pennies on the dollar of a Beauty Blender!

I have used a Beauty Blender for years and LOVE the flawless look you get, but not the not-so-flawless price. If you haven't used Makeup Blender Sponges before, you don't know what you're missing. You need less than half of the foundation for coverage so you look cleaner and lighter and your makeup stays fresh longer. I've tried numerous dupes and unfortunately they're usually so hard, so I was in shock at how this feels and applies so exactly like those overpriced (but unfortunately super effective) big name sponges. These clean easily and I've gotten a lot of use out of mine, it hasn't fallen apart or started to harden. It's a good idea to replace these every 3 months no matter how often you clean them, and at this price no bloodletting is involved! 
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  Yeah. You saw that right. $1.76 with free shipping! 

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