Thursday, August 13, 2015

Greenco Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator with High Capacity Water Flosser and Plaque Remover

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I'm so in love with this lil fella! My mouth hasn't felt this awesomely clean since my last trip to the dentist!

Product Description

Floss, Rinse In One Motion --- Greenco's professional oral irrigator, water flosser brings next-generation oral care into your own home. To easily, effectively clean between teeth, around braces, implants, bridgework, this rechargeable device pushes water from its large reservoir through the tiny opening of the included nozzle heads. This causes the water to form a thin, strong stream that powers through food remnants, other dirt, helping you fight plaque, the gum disease gingivitis. Choose a Mode to Your Taste Press a button to switch between three irrigating modes. Use the Normal mode for general tooth, gum cleaning, the Soft mode for gentler cleaning of sensitive gums or fresh dental work,, the Pulse mode for cleaning, massaging of the gums. Two interchangeable, color-coded nozzles are included, making a single irrigator suited for multiple users. These nozzles rotate 360 Degree, feature a slightly tilted head to help you reach places that a toothbrush, regular floss simply cannot access. Clean mouth. Cool machine. Regular use of the Greenco Oral Irrigator promotes a cleaner mouth, prevents bad breath,, saves gums from abrasive flossing. It is constructed of high-quality, BPA-free plastic, which has been approved by the FDA as safe for oral use. To make it even easier, more convenient, you'll find a miniature funnel included for spill-free refilling, as well as a watertight rubber plug to protect the charging pins from water, damage. Remove it, insert the included wall charger far a rapid charge of the built-in batteries.

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