Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Crafty Sampler

The Crafty Sampler is a handmade market sampler that includes all kinds of items, including teas, candles, soaps, tarts, incenses, etc. Many of the contributors are members of the holistic and metaphysical community, so often you won't see them in the other samplers out there. It's through this sampler that I discovered the fabulous Mary Ellen's Crafts, who I did a full feature story on a few months ago. If you're a handcrafter, you get a free large sample box for sending in 50+ samples for a month as well! There are 2 box sizes available with the amount of samples averaging 23 samples in the lg box and 10 or more if they fit in the sm boxes.
The featured contributor for the month of October is 
Featured Contributor October

In this box I received the following items:

The Preppy Redneck
Healthy Options Of Days Gone By
SBS Teas
J.R. Watkins
Sweets On Wheels
Prairie Shops
Indigo Works
Bubble Bee Creations
Christine's Natural Creations
Anam Cara Candles
Mary Ellen's Crafts
Gifted Boutique

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The Crafty Sampler said...

Hi! I've got some nice samples from new contributors!