Friday, October 26, 2012

iMPress Nails and their IMPRESSIVE customer service

Okay, I tried an iMpress manicure for the first time the day of my cousin's wedding. I was horrified by the seeming lack of quality and was particularly disappointed since I'd always really liked the brand. I contacted their customer service department to complain and when I described the problems I'd had with them, the representative said that it sounded like a defect in that batch and offered to send me a replacement.

They sent me two sets and lo and behold! My first ones obviously WERE defective because I am now ADDICTED to these things! They look like a fancy pants expensive gel manicure for 1/5 the price and they last waaaay longer than the advertised week. There's enough to replace any that come off, so with 1 or 2 replacements they generally last almost 2 weeks on me, and I use my hands CONSTANTLY at work.

One of the reasons I always shied away from getting a salon gel manicure was that the idea of wearing the same color for a month really turned me off, so these are just the right combo of long wearing without wearing out their welcome. Every time I wear these I get compliments and I've turned a bunch of my girlfriends and co-workers onto them. Super fast, easy to use and indistinguishable from a salon manicure. I also love that they are a perfect length- no tacky ass dragon lady nails here!

The video shows my original, faulty set and is followed by my mea culpa showing my replacement manicure. 

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