Monday, October 22, 2012

Weleda Iris Day & Night Creams- Husband Approved & $10 Vitacost credit

Whenever we go camping, it always takes it's toll on our skin. I don't have too hard a time getting back to normal, but The Husband generally refuses to actually DO anything to repair his skin until he's all flaky and scaly and whiny and ready to accept my help. He tried using his beloved aloe vera gel, but I finally convinced him that the gel alone just wasn't going to do the trick and to trust me.

My regular readers or You Tube viewers know that I am a huge Weleda fan. Weleda, after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing, has a really interesting history, which you can read about HERE

I'd previously used the Iris day and night lotions and thought they'd be just right for him. The only scent is a light herbal scent that dissipates quickly. They are also fast absorbing. They're both light lotions that hydrate beautifully without being too thick, greasy or heavy. He's always concerned that using an actual moisturizer will be too much for his oily skin, despite my protestations to the contrary, so I knew that the lightness of this would soothe his dry itchy skin without making him feel all oily. This was the perfect balance for him! He used the pair for a few days and was good as new! What really blew MY mind though? He didn't give me back the tubes when he got his skin back to normal. Nope. He kept them and now carries them around in his big backpack that he carries everywhere. At night I see him applying the Iris night cream before bed. Maybe I'll get him to take care of his skin on a regular basis yet! Never thought I'd see the day, but apparently Weleda is good enough to turn my hubby into a metrosexual.... 

If you'd like to try these out, you can get $10 off your first purchase at Vitacost THROUGH THIS LINK so they'd be like practically nuthin since their prices are vastly discounted off of the normal retail to begin with. If I remember correctly they charge almost nothing for shipping. 

Weleda Hydrating Day Cream Iris
23% off
Retail price: $20.00
Vitacost Price: $15.34

Weleda Night Cream Iris
18% off
Retail price: $21.00
Vitacost Price: $17.11

Weleda Moisture Cream Iris
31% off
Retail price: $20.00
Vitacost Price: $13.61

Skin Care-Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion - Weleda - 1 oz - Cream

Skin Care-Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion - Weleda - 1 oz - Cream

Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion
moisturizes and balances
Oily to combination skin gets moisture regulated into a healthy balance with this hydrating facial lotion. Its a light, fast-absorbing cream that regulates your natural moisture balance and provides long-lasting protection against drying out.
Biodynamic iris root extract maintains your skins natural moisture balance, leaving your skin feeling supple and smooth. Balanced skin is further enhanced by organic jojoba seed oil, a hydrating emollient that nourishes and softens your skin. Our soothing Biodynamic and organic calendula flower extract soothes skin and provides a protective antiseptic barrier. Your skin feels silky smooth and balanced, with perfectly regulated moisture that lasts all day.
Formerly called Iris Moisture Cream
Type: Anti-Aging Treaments

Skin Care-Iris Hydrating Night Cream - Weleda - 1 oz - Cream Skin Care-Iris Hydrating Night Cream - Weleda - 1 oz - Cream

Iris Hydrating Night Cream
Your skin is richly hydrated and balanced with this dreamy nighttime cream. Its a nourishing formula that strengthens the moisture-retention ability and balance of your skin during its natural nightly regenerative cycle.
Stimulate the balance of your natural moisture with Biodynamic iris root extract, which leaves your skin feeling supple and strong. For textured dryness that can develop during a stressful day, our soothing, emollient, organic shea butter deeply moisturizes and smoothes your skin. Organic chamomile flower extract calms minor inflammation. Wake up your sleeping beauty by regulating the natural functions and moisture of your skin. Relieve the stresses of your day with the restorative nourishment your skin needs at night. Natural, balanced beauty is a dream come true.
Type: Anti-Aging Treaments

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