Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amending my anti Bath & Body Works rant (but still loving Farm Hussy the mostest)

Rainkissed Leaves Triple Moisture Body Cream - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
I had previously gone off on a tangent about deciding that Bath & Body Works sucked, but after some quiet deliberation and getting back on my meds (I kid!) I realized that I was perhaps being a bit harsh.

I still stand by my complaint that the regular lotion formula has gotten really sticky. Like, REALLY sticky- hands making peeling apart noise sticky. Ew. Now the body CREAM is great. Rich thick and smooth- it's the LOTION that is all watery and sticky. I don't remember it always being that way, they must have changed the formula. Why do companies always have to mess with a good thing? It seems like the actual product has gotten a lot cheaper; not moneywise but as far as quality goes. Getting too big for their britches, maybe? Seems that when companies get too big and popular they quit caring about quality.

Which brings me to my second complaint: the scents. B&BW used to be much more sophisticated. Now even the darker scents still smell overly sweet, flowery and cloying. Suddenly every woman in America wants to smell like a 14 year old girl? I really wish they'd put some variety back into their scents instead of making everything an interchangeable lollipop. The first time I used Forever Sunshine shower gel (I got it as a gift so I didn't smell it first) it was so overpowering that it made me gag and my husband made me leave the bathroom door open until the smell dissipated. I then had to promise to never use it in the mornings because he said he just couldn't handle that much overly sweet smell first thing in the morning. 

So I've been spoiled by a brand with a higher quality product, more scent variety (even sweet choices) and the knowledge that a real person who cares about making you happy is behind the label. Farm Hussy is my lotion GO TO. I rave about them constantly, I know, but they deserve it. A really awesome way to try them out is the Recession Special. Only $12!

The bath scrubs are UH-MAZING, your skin will feel like velvet afterwards. And the lotions? Prrrrrrrrrr. Oh, and the spray? Well, suffice it to say, I have yet to meet a Farm Hussy product I didn't love. Seriously, I cannot recommend them enough. (No I do not have Farm Hussy stock!) The scents are absolutely wonderful with a jaw dropping variety available. Instead of complaining (and who wants their spouse to complain about how they smell?) Matt LOVES when I use FH products. When we went camping recently he got into bed next to me and cuddled up on me and sniffed me and said "Mmmmm, you smell like Home" I had sprayed some Iowanna Smell Pretty in my hair. What better testament from a dude is there?
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Callie said...

I am also in love with Farm Hussy products after discovering them in this months Sampler Village sampler. I just placed my first order with them tonight and cannot wait for it to arrive!