Monday, October 22, 2012

Julep Brights & Code to get first box for a penny

I think these might have been my favorite Julep polishes to date, the colors were so happy and vibrant- sunshine in a bottle. I'm a big fan of their creme formulas in general as they have exceptional pigmentation and coverage- you'd never know that these are free of the chemicals normally found in commercial polishes to make them last longer.

I'm a big fan of Julep's new add on feature- if you like an item from one of the other Maven boxes, you can add it on for just $4.99 (the normal polish price is $14.99 a bottle). You can add up to 3 items, so for the price of one bottle of polish you can get an extra 3!


This time besides just polish, I received a bottle of their Daylight Defense hand cream. A wonderful creamy and rich (but fast absorbing) hand cream that protects the fragile skin on your hands. I know I have a hard remembering that things as simple as driving in the car take their toll on your hands, making them look like creepy old lady claws before their time. This is a really easy way to make sure you're protecting your skin since it's a faboo hand cream!
 (RETAIL $28)

Julep often throws in a little surprise extra, and this time it was a tube of their SPF moisturizing lip balm, also from their Daylight Defense line. I liked this stuff so much that I got a tube for a girlfriend of mine who's always on the lookout for lip balms that she actually LIKES. She used mine and tried to convince me to give her the whole tube, but I got her to hold off until I could get her her own! Another extremely delicate skin area that often gets overlooked, and unfortunately another area that is super easily damaged and makes you look twice your age. THE LIPS. I used this at the pool, and usually a few hours in the sun and my lips get very dry and start to peel. Not with this stuff! Has a super yummy vanilla mint flavor as well. (keep your eyes open, I'll be doing a giveaway soon that includes a tube of this wonder balm!)
(RETAIL $6.00)

So for $24.99 (which includes the cost of my add on polish) I received $78.97 in merchandise!

Not bad, eh? You can join through THIS LINK and use the code PENNY and get your first box for, well, a penny. Duh. 

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